Artisan bakery coming to Lynwood Center


Port Townsend-based bakers Pane d’Amore is setting up shop between Lynwood Theatre and the Treehouse Cafe.

I just got an e-mail from the bakery’s future manager, Elliott Yakush, who says he plans to open in early February, after the building’s renovations are completed.

Until then, the bakery’s truck will serve up fresh bread and pastries in front of its future location every Monday from 12 to 4 p.m. starting Oct. 5.

“It’ll be a good way to get to know the community I’ll be selling bread and living in,” Yakush said.

Pane d’Amore’s has two other locations: in Port Townsend’s Uptown district and on 5th Avenue in Sequim.

Sunset likes the bakery. In its June issue, the magazine noted Pane d’Amore as part of the reason the town is “poised to become the Northwest’s next culinary destination.”

By the way, Port Townsend’s gourmet offerings make it the “Paris of the Olympic Peninsula,” according to Sunset. With Pane d’Amore coming to the island, what will that make Bainbridge? Why, the “Paris of the Kitsap Peninsula,” of course. Sorry Bremerton (“The Detroit of the Kitsap Peninsula), and Poulsbo (“The Leavenworth of the Kitsap Peninsula”) and Silverdale (“The Tacoma Mall of the Kitsap Peninsula”).

3 thoughts on “Artisan bakery coming to Lynwood Center

  1. You class warfare-like comments about Kitsap reveal YOUR true colors. I’m sure the pasty white yuppie tree huggers on BI shop in Silverdale (and even eat the free sample offerings at Costco), work in Bremerton’s well paying military culture, and stop in Poulsbo to fuel their Volvos and Priuses on their way home from…gasp…Wal-Mart. Get over yourself and your isolated island mentality. Most of your current neighbors are very recent immigrants, not born and bred from 30 years ago. Of course, it wasn’t hip to be there back when it was considered the sticks. Look out Seabeck, your future awaits you. All you need is some overspendy Californians to take interest in your properties!

  2. Mathew,
    I don’t really know how Tristan intended has comment to be taken but I had a different take than you got. I assumed he was making fun of Sunsets claim o Port Townsend as the Paris of Jefferson County. I have lived here for 30 years and have sold bread from Bremerton to Port Angles 29 years ago with the Port Townsend Baking Company. I know up close and personal that this place is no Paris. I have been to Paris and this ain’t it.
    I understand why you took it that but I don’t think it was intended as a comment on Sunset’s claim.

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