Police blotter: Spider bites make man feel “not like himself”

This week, a Hawaiian resident was found wandering near the Day Road farms in search of a hospital. The man, who did not appear drunk or crazy, said “white spiders” had bitten him, making him feel strange, and not quite himself.

Police and medics found no bites, and the man exhibited no other symptoms, such as the ability to cling to walls, shoot webs or feel a “spidey sense” warning him of attacks by costumed criminals.

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Sept. 21
Theft: Two bottles of prescription pills were stolen from a purse in an unlocked vehicle parked on Lytle Road. The owner had been kayaking nearby when the nearly 100 pills were taken. No other items appeared stolen.

Sept. 19
Theft: A woman who had lost her wallet at the Winslow ferry terminal was told by witnesses that a “homeless-appearing” man had taken it after it was found by a passerby. The victim had been told that another woman found the wallet on the ground and began asking people whether they owned it. The suspect, who was described as “dirty” and having long black hair, announced the wallet was his and took it. The man could not be located by police.

Sept. 18
Theft: A Poulsbo female was arrested just before 8 p.m. for not paying a cab fare. The suspect had been driven from Clear Creek Casino in Suquamish to Winslow, accumulating a fare of almost $47. Once at her destination, the suspect told the driver, a Bremerton resident, that she didn’t have any money and that the driver should bill her father. When the driver called the number provided for her father, the male who answered immediately hung up. During her arrest, the suspect called police officers “hick cops” with “nothing better to do.” She also made several racial comments while en route to the county jail. She used derogatory words for black people, asked whether the officers loved black people and said she would harm the first black person she saw in jail. She had the “moderate odor” of beer on her breath, but did not appear heavily intoxicated, police said.

Sept. 17
Theft: A laptop computer, valued at $700, was stolen from an unlocked Falk Road home sometime during the afternoon. The victim said she left the Apple-brand computer on her kitchen table while she was gone for less than an hour after 4 p.m.

Bitten: A Hawaiian man who appeared disoriented was found wandering Day Road shortly after midnight. He told police that he had been bitten by small white spiders at his parents’ Bainbridge home a few hours earlier. He said the bites made him “not feel like himself.” The man said he had parked his car near a Day Road pumpkin patch to search for a hospital to treat his bites. He intended to visit an animal hospital at the Day Road-Highway 305 intersection, which he thought would treat humans late at night. Police and a medic unit checked the man but found no bites or other injuries. He did not appear intoxicated and spoke in a coherent manner, police said. Police gave him directions to an emergency care facility in Silverdale.

Sept. 15
Threatened: A Chase bank employee reported that a customer had threatened her over the phone. The employee, who works at the bank’s Winslow Way branch, said the customer was upset over having his credit card cancelled. The suspect called the employee on five occasions. During one conversation, the suspect told the employee that she “would suffer,” used foul language and called her a derogatory name. Police advised her to call 911 if the suspect calls again.

Theft: A bicycle valued at $1,500 was reported stolen from the Winslow ferry terminal while the owner, a Bainbridge resident, was in Seattle during the day. It appeared that bolt cutters were used to take the bike.

Sept. 10
Drunk driving: A 21-year-old Bainbridge man was arrested for drunk driving and other infractions on Highway 305 near the Agate Pass Bridge just before midnight. An officer initially pulled the suspect over after witnessing a lit cigarette fly from his car’s window. The suspect and his passenger became argumentative and denied that a cigarette was thrown from the car. During the discussion, the officer noticed the strong odor of alcohol on the suspect’s breath. The suspect failed a series of field sobriety tests and was transported to the county jail. He was also cited for throwing a lit cigarette from his car and for a small amount of marijuana found during a search of the car.

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  1. $47 dollars to go from the Casino to the Ferry? I think the wrong person went to jail.

    Speaking of which, why would you take someone all the way to the county jail for a $47 dollar theft??? A ticket, notice to appear in court should have been sufficient. Seems like a lot of expense to incur for a misdemeanor theft charge.

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