Daily Archives: September 22, 2009

Police blotter: Spider bites make man feel “not like himself”

This week, a Hawaiian resident was found wandering near the Day Road farms in search of a hospital. The man, who did not appear drunk or crazy, said “white spiders” had bitten him, making him feel strange, and not quite himself.

Police and medics found no bites, and the man exhibited no other symptoms, such as the ability to cling to walls, shoot webs or feel a “spidey sense” warning him of attacks by costumed criminals.

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Islanders have calm, considerate discussion about health care reform

Sunday’s panel discussion on health care reform at the Bainbridge public library “was free of the furious outbursts seen at some town-hall events,” reports Derek Sheppard in yesterday’s Sun.

Instead, questions from the audience included “whether tort reform would significantly reduce costs, how care might be rationed, how good care can be encouraged instead of more tests, and how reform can pass with such a politically divided country and political interests corrupted by money,” Sheppard wrote.

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