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Police blotter: Car thief escapes on kayak


In this week’s blotter, a car thief leads police on a gas-, foot- and paddle-powered chase near Battle Point. They’re still searching for the thief, who was last seen slipping away on a kayak.

Ever notice the violent bands of gun- and bat-wielding black people roaming the island? How’s about the gangs of of El Camino-diving Mexicans armed with brass knuckles? No? Well, neither had Bainbridge police, who thought it odd this week when a drunk and bleeding man blamed his head injuries on what would have amounted to a large part of the island’s relatively small non-white population. With a smidge of detective work, police determined that an out-of-control bicycle was to blame. No word on the bike’s color or country of origin.

The blotter’s below.

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Two weeks worth of Bainbridge news

What is it about islands? I live on an island, report on an island…so what do I do when I go on vacations? Go hang out on other people’s islands, of course. Last time it was Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island. This time, we headed up to the San Juan Islands for our typical family getaway activities: bike a lot, eat a lot, read a lot…and visit libraries (Lopez Island’s is a beaut) and read local newspapers (some interesting stuff in the Journal of the San Juans) because we are a librarian and reporter, after all.

So what happened on this island? Here’s two weeks worth of Bainbridge Island news:

A WSU freshman reading program devoted to food issues was saved by a Bainbridge food safety attorney.

KiDiMu closed down in preparation for its big move to the Island Gateway development.

A Bainbridge ferry was damaged when it had a “hard landing” (crashed) into the dock in Seattle.

Former BI police chief Matt Haney, now head of police at the Colville reservation, enlisted the aid of the Suquamish police to bust a marijuana-grow operation in Eastern Washington.

It’s finally official. Interim police chief Jon Fehlman was named Haney’s replacement.

The Bainbridge Island Fire Department announced it will seek voter approval for a levy increase on the November ballot.

The city won the initial legal battle against a utility ratepayer group opposed to the sewer plant and Winslow Way projects.

A Bainbridge adult day center is scrambling to fill a big budget hole.

Bainbridge resident and former P-I reporter Cecelia Goodnow was profiled as part of the Sun’s series “Faces of the Recession.”