Police Blotter: For-sale home staged with “preppy” drinkers


A local real estate agent was surprised to find two young men wandering the rooms of one of her unoccupied for-sale homes. More interested in the Rolling Bay house as a place to drink than to buy, the “preppy”-looking men fled with their beers in-hand after the agent threatened to call the cops. And the bottle of wine used to stage the house? Not a drop left.

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July 20
Fire: A group of juveniles lit a chair on fire at a High School Road apartment’s parking lot just before 8 p.m. A witness saw the four suspects use lighter fluid and wood to ignite the chair. The youths then laughed and jumped over the flames. A witness extinguished the fire with a garden hose and threw the chair in a dumpster. A female suspect told police she and the others were “just messing around” and “being stupid.” A report was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for possible reckless burning charges.

Burglary: A real estate agent found people drinking inside an unoccupied Rolling Bay Walk home shortly after 4:30 p.m. The agent said she found a bottle of wine and other items out of place when she entered the home, which is for sale. When she entered the third floor’s master bedroom, an unknown man exited the closet with a beer in his hand. When asked what he was doing in the home, the man responded that “the door was open.” The agent asked the man to leave and followed him down the stairs to the first floor where a second man holding a beer was discovered. The men left when the agent announced she was going to call the police. The first man was described as “preppy looking,” in his early 20s and had brown hair. The second man was described as “a preppy college kid” in his early 20s and with reddish hair. Police found no signs of forced entry and the only stolen item was a bottle of wine that had been used as a prop for selling the home.

July 19
Assault: An 18-year-old Bainbridge man was arrested for hitting his father with a dresser drawer. According to the victim, the suspect had become enraged at his younger brother and had kicked a door at their Day Road home just before 11 p.m. When the victim intervened, the suspect tried to punch his face. The suspect kicked another door and began breaking several items in his room. When asked by the victim to calm down, the suspect threw the drawer, causing a minor cut on the victim’s foot. The suspect told police he was unhappy over a recent family excursion. Police transported him to the county jail.

July 18
Drunk driving: A 54-year-old Bellingham woman was arrested for drunk driving on State Route 305 near West Port Madison Road shortly after midnight. Police initially noticed the suspect’s Honda Civic swerving on the highway at about half the posted speed limit. Once pulled over, the suspect, who smelled strongly of alcohol, admitted she had two glasses of wine with dinner. While speaking to police, she attempted to drink water from a bottle but spilled a large quantity on herself. The suspect failed a series of field sobriety tests, including a one-legged stand that she said was difficult because she had suffered a yoga-related injury. She was transported to the county jail.

July 17
Drunk driving: A 59-year-old Seattle woman was arrested for drunk driving on State Route 305 near Vineyard Lane shortly after 8 p.m. Police initially noticed the suspect’s vehicle traveling on the highway’s shoulder. Once pulled over, the suspect had trouble opening her window and finding her identification. While digging in her purse, she asked for a reminder of what she was looking for. An officer spotted her wallet on the passenger seat and asked her to look inside for ID. The officer then had to guide the suspect through the wallet and identify which item was her driver’s license. Despite smelling strongly of alcohol, the suspect said she’d had a small quantity of wine while in Bremerton. The officer cut short a series of field sobriety tests because he feared she may fall and injure herself on the roadway. She was transported to the county jail.

Theft: A chainsaw and cordless drill were stolen from the bed of a Bainbridge school district truck sometime during the night. Losses were estimated at $500. The truck was parked in a fenced and locked district property on New Brooklyn Road. No signs of forced entry were found.

Ensnared: A delivery truck was struck and entangled by a low-hanging cable wire on Cascade Avenue just before 9 a.m. The incident cut power to several residences in the area. A cable company freed the truck.

July 15
Thefts: Two Madison Avenue residents reported that their bicycles were stolen from outside their apartment sometime during the night. The bikes had been locked together but not to a stationary object. One bike was a maroon-colored 21-speed valued at $250. The other bike was described as a 21-speed with a yellow wheel and blue wheel. It was valued at $175.