Police blotter: Party pooper’s pals drug him, toss him out on lawn


Here’s last week’s blotter, a little late, but still full of drug and booze-fueled adventure. Read on for the tale of a self-described “loud and obnoxious” man at a 4th of July party who drank a bit much, spoke a bit too loudly and stayed a bit too long. His flustered fellow party-goers ended up slipping him a strong sedative and hauled him out the door.

July 13
Young drinker: A 20-year-old man was arrested for underage drinking at Pritchard Park on Eagle Harbor Drive shortly after 11 p.m. Police initially found four young people gathered in the park’s parking lot. Two male suspects fled into the woods, leaving their vehicle. Two juvenile females remained and were advised to go home. Two officers proceeded into the park to find the males. While walking a trail, police found a cold six pack of beer and a backpack containing a half bottle of rum. At another location, police found a dirty shoe. When the officers returned to the parking lot, a second vehicle pulled in with two males inside. The males were sweating profusely and covered in mud, sticks and leaves. Both smelled strongly of alcohol. One of the males was over 21 years old. The 20-year-old male’s balance was found to be unsteady when he was ordered out of the vehicle. He initially denied drinking but later admitted to having consumed rum and vodka and that the backpack and shoe were his. He denied giving alcohol to the juvenile females.

Drugged: An Edmonds man reported that he had been drugged and injured while at a Bainbridge Island party on July 4. The man said he had been at a house party on Agate Street in which several people were in attendance. He said he became very intoxicated in the early hours of July 5, and that he became “obnoxious” to the party’s guests. He was told by several people to “calm down” because people were trying to go to sleep. He noted that he declined to calm down and was “still loud and obnoxious.” He was offered a glass of water by someone at the party. Shortly after drinking it, the man began to feel uncoordinated and could not keep his balance. On two occasions he fell face-first in the house’s laundry room. One of the guests took him outside and laid him on the lawn, whereupon he passed out. He later woke up and passed out again on the living room floor. Later that day, a party attendee told him a prescription sedative was crushed up and put in his water. He visited a doctor in Edmonds who told him he had suffered a concussion. Police included photos of the man’s injuries and text messages related to the incident in a report that was forwarded to detectives.

Shoplifting: A 49-year-old Bainbridge woman was cited for attempting to shoplift alcohol from a High School Road store shortly after 11 a.m. Store staff had seen the woman put about $18 worth of beer and wine in her purse. Police noticed the suspect’s breath smelled like alcohol.

July 12
Threatened: A Bainbridge man reported that he returned to his High School Road home to find his air mattress destroyed and a carving knife stuck in the wall near his bed. The victim strongly urged police to arrest his roommate. Police woke the roommate and asked him about the incident. Although he could speak little English, the roommate denied involvement in the incident, tried hard to answer questions and appeared honest in his responses. The victim said he feared for his life and again urged police to arrest the roommate. Police notified the victim that no evidence tied the roommate to the incident.

July 11
Threatened: A Bainbridge man living on a boat in Eagle Harbor reported that a another liveaboard threatened his life. The suspect was upset that the victim had reported to police that his boat was sinking. According to the victim, the suspect said “If I catch you on shore, I’m going to kill your (rear end).” Police took down the information in a report.

July 10
Damaged: Three doors of a Winslow Way business were damaged during an attempted burglary some time during the night. Police believe entry was unsuccessfully attempted at the front and rear entrances. The front doors’ large pane windows were shattered but had not fallen out. A door hinge was also partially dismantled. The business’ rear door knob was damaged, possibly by a kick. No items were reported stolen.

July 9
Assault: A Bainbridge man accused an employee of a Madison Avenue car wash of “chest bumping” him during an argument just before 2 p.m. Police were called to the car wash at the intersection of Madison and Wyatt Way on a report of a verbal dispute and threats of violence. Police were then directed to follow a BMW car involved in the incident. Police spotted the car traveling east on Winslow Way near Chase bank. When an officer activated his patrol car’s lights, the BMW stopped abruptly, almost causing the police car to rear-end it. The driver immediately exited his car and walked aggressively toward the police car while carrying an unidentified black item in his hand. Thinking the item might be a weapon, the officer partially drew his gun and ordered the man back into his car. On closer inspection, the item turned out to be a fingerless glove. The driver said he was looking for police to report that he had been assaulted by the car wash employee. The driver said he’d become angry about the “crappy” job the employee did cleaning his car’s rims. The two engaged in a verbal argument in which the driver demanded his $15 back and the employee refusing to return the money. The employee reportedly yelled in the driver’s face, bumped the brim of his cap on the driver’s forehead and bumped his chest against the driver’s chest. The driver got back into his car and left with the employee yelling obscenities after him. The employee said the driver was the aggressor and denied assaulting him. The car wash’s manager said the driver was no longer welcome at the business. A report was forwarded to the prosecutor for possible charges.

Fleeing an officer: A Bainbridge woman was cited for reckless driving and for attempting to elude police on Parfitt way just before 4 a.m. Police initially saw two young woman arguing in an apartment’s parking lot near Bjune Drive. One of the woman loudly stated she did not want to get a drunk driving arrest. She backed her SUV out of the lot rapidly as the other woman was entering the passenger side. The driver made eye contact with the officer as she passed by and accelerated rapidly south on Madison Avenue. The officer observed the SUV “race” through the parking lot near Doc’s restaurant, cross Parfitt without stopping and then enter another parking lot. The officer found the SUV parked near the Harbour Pub and could hear sobbing in the distance. Two tennis shoes were found nearby, as well as wet foot prints on a private dock nearby. The officer called a tow truck for an impound and inventoried the SUV, which contained the driver’s wallet and several forms of identification, including a driver’s license that designated her as under 21 years old. The driver and her mother contacted police the next day to retrieve her possessions. The driver initially denied drinking alcohol and attempting to elude police. After the officer stressed she should tell the truth, the driver admitted she’d drank a few beers, had tried to elude the officer and had driven dangerously and too fast.

July 8
Break-ins: Police responded to 10 cases of car prowls during the night. Eight of the 10 cases occurred at Island Terrace apartments. Four of the vehicles were entered by breaking windows. Most of the 10 vehicles were unlocked. The only items stolen was stereo equipment. Other devices and cash in the vehicles were not taken.

July 5
Assault: A Bainbridge boy reported that he’d been assaulted during the evening by an 18-year-old at the teen center on High School Road. According to the victim, the pair’s conflict stemmed from accusations of homosexual acts. The suspect threw the victim, who is a few years younger, across a pool table, shoved him against a wall and ripped his sweatshirt. The center’s adult monitor reentered the building and ended the fight. Police are investigating.