3 thoughts on “City considering a $20 car tab fee

  1. Now here is another stupid Peters idea that he proposed last year and wasn’t smart enough to understand that people want NO new taxes, especially in the light of the fact that 9.5% of the people are unemployed, taxes are soon to be going up, forecasted high inflation is months off, along with a number of other negative happening. So you lost your house, no matter Peter’s wants a car tax!

    We put this thinker in so it ios us who have to talk him into resigning. He can join the other two who along with the Mayor caused a very large part of putting the City close to bankruptcy. And things aren’t getting any better and as our President told us, expect things to worsen before they get better- well Peter’s doesn’t care he wants to raise taxes.

    I am just hoping this is just another bad joke from the BI Review.

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