WSF’s allotment of federal ferry stimulus money: 0

Guess what? Texas has a ferry system. And it received over $7 million in the Fed’s latest round of stimulus funding.

How much did Washington State Ferries (the largest ferry system in the nation) get? Not a cent.

“That was a shocker,” Al McCoy, senior manager of WSF’s budget program, told Sun transportation reporter Ed Friedrich in a story printed today. “We don’t really have an explanation for that. We’re trying to find out why.”

WSF did recently receive $8.5 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds based on its size, but got nothing from the new fund for which it had to compete.

The state ferry system wanted $26 million to replace the Anacortes terminal and $9 million to fix up the Hyak ferry.

Michigan received the most money: $8.3 million. Maine got $6.8 million and New York pulled in $6.5 million.