Senator Rockefeller’s community garden

State Sen. Phil Rockefeller has opened up a piece of his land for community garden use. His is the latest in a recent Bainbridge community garden boom.

In her most recent column, Kitsap Sun garden writer Ann Lovejoy highlights the Bainbridge Democrat and his wife Anita Rockefeller’s effort to link people to island-grown food and each other.

“Our idea was to create a place where people can not just put food on the table, but also connect to the natural world and to the community,” Anita said. “We hope we’ll all learn from each other, becoming better gardeners and finding common interests to share along with the vegetables.”

The Rockefellers brought in sandy loam and compost to make several garden-ready beds on a third of an acre at their Tolo Road property. Th fenced and watered garden includes almost 100 tomato plants to help keep Helpline House supplied through the summer.

Green thumbs of varying shades make up the seven families using the Rockefellers’ garden.

Lovejoy reports that plenty of space is open. To reserve a plot, call (206) 817-0456 or e-mail:

Click here to read Lovejoy’s column, which also explores the overall growth of the island’s community gardens.

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