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5 thoughts on “City agrees to pay $495,000 to homebuilders group

  1. A stitch in time saves nine. Eh !! No what about the other backlog of lawsuits? The same expensive solution?

  2. WOW, just another mess created by EX-Mayor K administration cleaned up. The question is how many more of these messes will be uncovered and how long will it take to put the bad experience of Mayor K behind us?

  3. The article did not specify what the costs-to-date have been for COBI in in-house/outside legal costs, staff time, expert witnesses and court costs in this case. Oh, and how goes the “affordable housing” program that was the inception of this 10% tax on development permits.

    I find it curious how government can run over the little guy who simply says ouch. Run over a larger group and COBI ends up in court attempting to defend their policy of taking.

  4. Why should Mayor Kordonowy and her administration be held responsible for this “mess.” The fee that the developers objected to dated from 1999, and the Council and the Director of Planning at that time were principally responsible. This was before our latest Mayor took office. And I believe the objectionable affordable housing ordinance was repealed long before 2007. I’d like to know how much money was actually collected “illegally” before the policy was changed.

    In spite of very extensive efforts to involve developers in the crafting of an affordable housing ordinance that will work to their benefit as well as serving the larger community’s interests, we do not have more than bits and pieces of a housing policy today. In general, everything depends on the market’s ups and occasional downs. Policy makers and concerned citizens (with some developers and real estate professionals prominent in that group) know all too well what the pitfalls and obstacles are. I doubt that the problems will be any easier to solve in the absence of a mayor.

  5. Jon Q asks: “Why should Mayor Kordonowy and her administration be held responsible for this “mess.” While the original fee may have happened on the watch before Mayor K, the fact is Mayor K, various councils and senior staff have been at City Hall for the past 8 years with this legal challenge brewing. The cut-loss decision interim manager Dombroski made could have been made any where along the las 10-year time line. By my reckoning, Mayor K, as our Chief Executive, does have responsibility for the $750,000 +++ that went down this sink hole.

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