Councilman Snow named city’s new ‘mayor’

City Councilman Chris Snow is the city’s new ceremonial mayor.

The City Council elected Snow to the position at a meeting on Wednesday night

The job comes with little to no authority beyond that of a council member, but Snow will replace former mayor Darlene Kordonowy on several of the regional boards she serves on.

The ceremonial mayor position is part of the the city’s new council-manager form of government. Island voters decided last month to do away with the city’s traditional mayor position and transfer its authority to the council.

City Adminstrator Mark Dombroski was recently named to the new position of city manager.

Snow’s council and mayoral term end Dec. 31. Snow has declined to seek reelection, leaving his South Ward position to three candidates.

One thought on “Councilman Snow named city’s new ‘mayor’

  1. I wish him luck. Councilman Snow seemed genuinely humble with his appointment as “ceremonial” mayor. Appointing him mayor was easier given the fact he is not running for re-election.

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