Debbie Vann drops out of City Council race

Former city councilwoman Debbie Vann dropped me a line today announcing she’s decided not to seek the Central Ward’s seat.

Vann had filed to run on Friday, along with Dee DuMont, Debbi Lester and Virginia Paul.

“Given the high quality of candidates, and my own somewhat ‘iffiness’ about running, I decided to withdraw my name,” Vann wrote today. “So, I will not be running.”

8 thoughts on “Debbie Vann drops out of City Council race

  1. Ms. Vancil had a record of accomplishments and fiascoes as a council woman. While in the recent past she appeared to man the ramparts against the gang of four, the reality was the die was cast long ago sending us to our near bankruptcy. Her decision to withdraw her candidacy will remove a huge target the new candidates would have had with her on the ticket.

    It will be interesting to see how this race evolves. Ms Lester has declared — and I can’t quote the exact words — but she is clearly for the central ward and a walkable downtown. The problem I see with this construct is she is not representing a special-interest group called Winslow. One is running for office representing all of Our Island and all of Our Island’s pressing needs. We don’t need another person coming in with an announced special interest focus.

  2. Oops — forget my previous entry. Vann — Vancil. There is a world of difference.

    So Vancil is still in the race. that is just fine.

    The loss of VANN — Praise the Lord we avoided her campaign. It would have been hilarious and ugly.

  3. Jon — you have been so quiet, thought perhaps you were the subject of an extraordinary rendition to someplace on Cuba. Hey, why don’t you pitch for your old column in the Sun/Bainbridge Islander. The paper needs something to prompt dialogue.

    And yes, heaven knows we don’t want hilarious and ugly. Hilarious is ok, but not the ugly part. Clearly D.Vann was reading the entrails over at the Temple at Mt. Olympus and was not liking what she was seeing as far as celebration of her triumphant return to COBI Council.

  4. Jon-
    You have just illustrated the biggest issue with BI politics. People don’t say what is on their mind or as you do spend allot of time trying to be PC. PC did not deliver the message to the Mayor or the four cronies in a way they understood and hence the mess we are in and will be in for months to come. Try being honest with your feelings rather than PC!

  5. Clarity, Here are some honest feelings: Your name denotes one thing while your constantly repeated postings denote something completely different. Sort of a blurry one eyed viewpoint of the situation at hand which leaves a lot of us with an ugly and bitter taste in our mouths. When I see your name just before,’Says’, I get an unpleasant feeling of ugliness about to come and am rarely, if ever, disappointed.I find JMO’s responses to your constant deriding of council members almost refreshing, and that frightens me. I don’t like JMO, never have and probably never will, but at times he is able to write at least thought provoking (not neccasarrily good thoughts, but provoking nonetheless)posts that are fun to read before discarding as opposed to the same old drivel that you are stuck on. Do the community a favor and clean some of the bitter sands of time out of your one good eye and try writing something interesting or thought provoking or ,think of it!possibly new! Thanks so much.

  6. John — getting an endorsement from you in the form of “. . .that frightens me. I don’t like JMO, never have and probably never will. . . ” makes me worried. They say the enemy of my enemy is my friend but in your case with no last name, I can’t add you to my list of comrades.

    Not sure I have ever seen/heard your voice on Baurick’s site. It is a new nomme d’guerre you are trying on or did you just land on earth?

    That said, I am smiling watching you take Clarity (Not) out to the wood shed for his transgressions. Ouch !!

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