Police blotter: “Senior sleepover” overdose at Bainbridge High


A young Bainbridge Islander was airlifted to Harborview after drinking too much alcohol during a sleepover on the grounds of Bainbridge High School.

Also this week, a driver takes out a power pole while rummaging in her purse for an iPod.

June 7
Collision: A Toyota SUV driven by a Bainbridge woman damaged a power pole on Eagle Harbor Drive just after 11 a.m. The driver said she was reaching for her iPod when she veered into the pole, causing damage to her SUV’s right side. The pole was “sheared, but not completely,” police reported. One of its wires sagged down, making the road impassible for tall trucks. A Puget Sound Energy work crew cut the cable and allowed the pole to drop. The driver was cited for inattention.

June 5
Overdose: An 18-year-old female was airlifted to a hospital after overdosing on alcohol during a “senior sleepover” at Bainbridge High School. Her friends called police just before 2:30 a.m. when she fell unconscious. She had five shots of alcohol, smoked marijuana and had not eaten in a long time, her friends told police. None of her friends knew where she got the alcohol or drugs. Because she was not breathing adequately on her own, a medic unit connected her to a respiratory apparatus before airlifting her to Seattle’s Harborview Hospital .

June 4
Rollover: A Bainbridge man lost control of his Toyota SUV and rolled it on Euclid Road shortly after 7:30 p.m. He told police he took a corner too fast. The man suffered minor scrapes. He was cited for negligent driving.

4 thoughts on “Police blotter: “Senior sleepover” overdose at Bainbridge High

  1. It is that time of the year.Graduation around the corner.Sleep overs keggers etc. No supervision by adults because they do not want to appear as nerd’s to thier Children.Besides it’s allways the other kid not mine. Next there will be a fatality.Every year needless loss of life and limb all in the name of “Graduation”
    So sad and needless.

  2. I’m confused about this “senior sleepover” at the school. Did the high school know that kids were spending the night at the school? Does the school allow this with no supervision or where were adult supervisors?

  3. Its my understanding that both the High School and the police were aware of this activity beforehand. Knowing our school, I doubt there was any staff supervision.

    I doubt there are any students left at the high school that remember the deaths and serious injuries than many youngsters suffered just a few years ago. I’m sure after the next young person dies in a drunken accident there will once again be the hand-wringing, sorrowful speeches, special counselors at school, community meetings, etc. Shame it takes a death every so often to perpetuate it.

  4. At least she wasn’t out on the highway shearing off telephone poles while she fumbled for her ipod (or text messaging like the mother on 305 who slammed into another car that was stopped in traffic).

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