New poll: Should Kordonowy continue to serve on regional boards?

Darlene Kordonowy has taken some heat from City Council members and some folks in the community about her continued service on regional boards she was appointed to as mayor.

She has a seat on eight boards, including Kitsap Transit, where she’s the chair, and Kitsap Consolidated Housing Authority, where she’s vice chair.

Read this story for more background on the issue, and then take the poll to the right.

The Bainbridge Conversation’s last poll showed that most respondents thought the city handled the Eagle Harbor sewer leak well.

It was interesting to see most initial opinions reflect a view that the city botched the response and endangered the harbor. But, as news rolled in that the harbor appeared to be recovering quickly, the city began receiving high marks.

Here’s the final breakdown:

40 percent: Good. The city did the best they could in a tough situation. (18 votes)
24 percent: Fair. They did the right thing, but the fix should have been made earlier. (11 votes)
22 percent: Terrible. The city’s response endangered human health and the environment. (10 votes)
13 percent: Excellent. The city was on top of things every step of the way. (6 votes)

6 thoughts on “New poll: Should Kordonowy continue to serve on regional boards?

  1. Absolutely NOT- 70% tossed her in affect out of office sop why would we want her to further represent anything? Unscientific polls as you have run don’t reach enough of the diversity of people on the Island to be meaningful.

    Ms K should go on vacation with Ms Vann and return in another decade!

  2. So Clarity states: “. . . 70% tossed her in affect out of office . . .” Read the letter to from FOG’s Manager, Ms Owen. She maintains the vote had nothing to do with Mayor K. but rather higher Periclean principles like perfect government, accountability and harmony. Yet Clarity says 70% wanted Mayor K out and that is the meaning of the vote. Someone appears to be stretching the truth.

    The fact is FOG supporters knew Kordonowy would become the 8th councilman. The fact is COBI Council will have to get their act together and do the core function exceedingly well. Some of these “nice-to-have” memberships might just be above our simple goals of better government.

    Clarity, all the ills of COBI are not from Mayor K. She had long-standing and ample ineptitude from all on the council in getting us in this mess.

  3. James-

    For sure you are entitled to your opinion. But you know as well as I that thew change in form was driven 100% by the lousy Mayor we had in place. Were it not for her this issue would have never come up. The vote was a vote against Mayor K and it was the people’s way of telling her and the world how displeased they were with Mayor K. Even Mayor K acknowledged this fact if you will recall. The fact is and will always be the people, me included made a horrible mistake in electing to office a person who had zero qualifications but was a nice person.

  4. Just asking for clarity: listen to Vogt, Owen, Maron, Fortner — all strenuously denied this FOG was a surrogate guillotine for Mayor K. Of course people lie and misrepresent what they want for political reasons. If the animus was purely toward Mayor K, she could have been recalled without the $80,000 special election, all the changed official documents and sundries that went with the FOG.

    As long as we have this delusion that Mayor K was the devil incarnate and our Council members are just bullied little children, we will never get the change the voters demanded. And I have been a fierce critic of both the Mayor and Council for getting us in this mess. We let one shoe drop but what about the other?

    See YouTube call for recall: Deceit, deception recall Mayoral which we produced a year ago. No interest because for political reasons others wanted a FOG radical solution. Check out the Council members at the end of the video: clueless on Bainbridge.

  5. Recall my man is not based upon ineptness which is what we had going. But rather there are very specific requirements and it was determined that to meet those it was to tight and probably would not be worth the effort.

    Don’t be naive-who is going to state clearly in the polictical environment we live in that this was in affect a recall and notice to four council people? Do you really think that this form change just appeared out of no where. It appeared because of the ineptness of the Mayor and the four cronies she put under her spell.

  6. Call for clarity: recall of Mayor K was for cause. Yes, the bill of particulars would have had to be worked out.

    Mayor K and the Gang of 4 were only part of the problem. Duh !! Magic thinking is not going to get you anywhere except lost.

    Vogt, Maron, Owen, Fortner, the Committee for FOG and Clarity are talking out of both sides of their mouths as to the reasons for the FOG.

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