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9 thoughts on “Did Kordonowy twist Kitsap Transit’s arm to lobby the council on her behalf?

  1. My gosh, to think there is politics going on in the back rooms of Bainbridge. Shocked I am.

  2. The people have spoken- Mayor K is a past bad dream and should not continue to do anything but fill a chair and this is an unfortunate happening in itself. We have had enough! The vote was so directed at her and what she has done and hasn’t done that she would be best served as would the City if she just disappeared.

    I, we, this household, votes for taking our chances with a new appointee who can gain some respect vs. the disaster of the past under her lack of leadership.

  3. So we are posting “rumors” on the website now? Unless there is proof this is all just speculation and a waste of time. The post should be “Special meeting today at 3:00.”

  4. In typical circumstances when an elected official is voted out, they serve out their term and the new candidate takes office on a specific date. In the private sector, C-suite leaders and others have a transitional period where their responsibilities are transferred so that operations are seamless.

    Find a way to ensure a new person is brought into the fold effectively, instead of being so focused on Darlene’s head on a spit. That’s the mature and professional way to do this. Otherwise, what’s being exhibited is not only problems with Kordonowy, but the degree to which the council was also responsible for dysfunction. In which case, the vote should have been to completely clean house.

    Lose the drama, people.

  5. Dear Registered Voter-

    Under normal circumstances no one would argue the point you made. But this mess is so big, so widespread, and has done so much harm to the City and its image, having her ( The ex-Mayor ) represent anything to do with the City just compounds the issues she is leaving behind. And you are right about the Council also, but two of the bad actors aren’t running again so they too got the message. Now we just have Peters and Franz to shuck and we have rid ourselves of the mess makers, all of them then!

    We are not going to let the ex-Mayor or the bad foursome off the hook! They made their bed they can now lay in it!

  6. Harm to the City’s image. What image ?
    BI has and allways will have a tarnished image. It started in WW2 when the Citizen’s of BI started profiling locals. (people) and has continued ever sinnce.
    The Bedroom of Seattle lives on just another Payton Place. Now known as Drama City.

  7. Clarity,

    I’ve been in Kitsap since 1996, and even then Bainbridge Island had drama in its city government. There have been studies conducted and reports submitted regarding its dysfunctional nature, and this was before Darlene.

    In order to get to circumstance approaching normal so that clear-headed policies can prevail, all parties – including citizens – have to want to get to that place. Instead, it’s never-ending drama. Instead, expend that energy locating the proper substitutes for positions Darlene now holds and bringing them up to speed towards the benefit of the many over the few.

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