Vann vying for a return to the City Council

Former city councilwoman Debbie Vann filed today for the Central Ward council seat Kjell Stokenes plans to leave at the end of the year.

Vann, who served a term preceding Stoknes, is a former social worker and has been a strong advocate for environmental preservation.

More on Vann’s candidacy later.

5 thoughts on “Vann vying for a return to the City Council

  1. This is a sick joke! We have done this one before and what a disater it was the first time around. What did the Island do to prompt even the thought to run again. Someone please, anybody, step up to the plate. We just got rid of the Mayor, what is worse would be a return vist by Ms. Vann.


  2. Debbie Vann?!? THAT would be a disaster. She was marginal at best the last time. Although it is too early to pick a favorite for the central ward, Ms. Vann would not be at the top of the list.

    For all these council retread candidates, I would encourage people to look at how they all voted and behaved when they were last on the council and disregard what they are presently spouting off about. Such was posted elsewhere, “past performance is the best indicator for future behavior.”

  3. This Vann lady is an unmitigated disaster. She showed no intellectual spark or civic understanding. She isn’t in my ward but I thought we were trying to upgrade the council and not downgrade it.

    This lady was capable of some very severe gaffs on the council.

    Central Ward: find someone else — almost anyone else.

  4. It is becoming a unamimous postions that this woman is a disaster waiting to happen again. HELP!

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