Police blotter: Child’s birthday ends in adult fist-fight over flowers

A birthday game of hide-and-go-seek sparked a bout of punch-and-shove-neighbor this week.

Also in this week’s blotter: a rash of vandalism leaves a car impaled with a real estate sign and a Bainbridge man tries nudity, public insults and gifts of self-help reading material to win the heart of his married neighbor.

May 31
Theft: An interior rearview mirror, a book of ferry tickets and a badge were reported stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked overnight on Ralston Road.

May 30
Assault: A Dolphin Drive resident reported that he was punched and shoved by a neighbor shortly after 7:30 p.m. The victim was hosting a child’s birthday party when some of the children accidentally used part of the suspect’s property for a hide-and-go-seek game. The suspect reportedly yelled at the children to get off his property and used foul language at them. When the victim went over to discuss the situation, the suspect yelled that the children had trampled flowers in his garden. The suspect then punched the victim on the side of the head and pushed him to the ground. An adult bystander intervened when the suspect appear to advance aggressively toward the victim. Police are investigating.

Power cut: An unknown person caused a power outage for an estimated 100 people when 125 pairs of wire were cut inside a cable splicing box at the intersection of New Brooklyn and Sportsman Club roads just before 11 a.m. The damage also affected cellular phone service for many users.

Theft: Two cell phones were stolen from two unlocked vehicles parked outside a home at Island Avenue.

Theft: Two checkbooks and a ferry pass were stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Avalon Lane sometime during the night.

Smashed: An Old Creosote Road home’s “For Sale” sign was stolen and embedded into the windshield of a vehicle on Rockaway Beach Road sometime during the night. Damage to the vehicle was estimated at $500.

Smashed: A Rockaway Beach Road resident reported that the front windshield and rear window of her BMW car was smashed by a rock, causing $1,000 in damage.

Smashed: A New Sweden Avenue resident reported that his living room window had been smashed by a rock during the night. Damage was estimated at $2,000.

Drunk driving: A 22-year-old Bainbridge man was arrested for drunk driving on Madison Avenue near Ihland Avenue shortly after 1:30 a.m. Police initially noticed the suspect driving erratically and crossing the road’s center line. The suspect smelled strongly of alcohol and could not walk without assistance from police. He was transported to the county jail.

May 29
Burglary: A 52-year-old Bainbridge man was arrested for burglarizing his estranged wife’s Wallace Way home. The victim noticed that credit cards and about $10 cash was missing from her purse. She confronted her husband, and he admitted to the crime. The suspect told police that he was “turning up the heat (on the victim) and giving her some of her own medicine.” He returned the stolen items and was transported to the county jail.

Theft: A purse containing cash and credit cards was reported stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked at Bainbridge High School during the previous day.

Overdosed: A 56-year-old Bainbridge woman was treated for overdosing on alcohol on High School Road shortly after 2 p.m. The “extremely intoxicated” woman was found by police sitting in a chair outside the Island Grill restaurant and bar. She was surrounded by a number of restaurant patrons and employees. An employee told police the woman did not appear intoxicated when she entered. She consumed two drinks and then left to start her car, an employee said. She returned, saying that her key no longer worked. She then called a towing service and had her car towed away. At this point, employees noticed the woman had trouble standing and walking. The woman had trouble focusing her eyes and speaking, and was unable to tell police where she lived. She noted that she’d had four drinks. An aid crew was called to administer care.

May 28
Harassed: A Bainbridge woman reported that her neighbor has been exhibiting strange sexual behavior toward her. On several occasions the suspect, a 57-year-old man, has stood nude in his bedroom window while looking directly at her. He has also made comments about a perceived “relationship” between them. Once, when she told him to leave her alone, he responded, “I can’t look into your eyes when I’m talking to talk to you because I’m so attracted to you.” The suspect has also yelled at her and called her insulting names at a supermarket and left self-help literature on her door-step. She also noted that he’s expressed interest in working in the child care industry. The victim does not believe he should be around children. A check of the suspect’s record revealed similar incidents while living in Bremerton. The victim declined to obtain an anti-harassment order and said she would call police if another incident occurred.