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7 thoughts on “City criticized for slow, incomplete response to sewer spill

  1. Just another example of a poorly run City. Thank goodness that the leader is out and maybe the Council in the future will get the message delivered that the employees of Baibridge Island Gov’t work for the people of this fair Island and what the expectations are. The Mayor was a poor and ill equipped manager, a poor leader, and never did respect the wants and desires of the majority so why should the employees?

    It is so so important to set objectives, targets and expectations if the employees are ever to meet the expectations of those who pay their salaries. And to this point there are some employees, red beard and all, who should immediately upon the form change be let go as they have always worked from their own book of wants and needs and have always been the big thorn that has caused allot of issues in the planning dept. I hope the City manager, whomever he turns out to be, addresses the personnel problems so that the citizen taxpayer attitudes towards the City improves. For sure it will to some degree with the Mayor gone now lets address the others.

  2. Let’s just change our name to Blamebridge Island and be done with it,and then all the mad dog blowhards will feel more at home. ” Oh it’s the evil 4 or the evil 5, bark! bark! bark! grrrr! grrr! snap! snap! snap! grrr!”

  3. Listen ” Big wind. big dust no rain Yo Doe “, these five made a mess out of our City, its financial situation, and the general moral of the people. Should we just forget about this or keep it high on the list to insure it doesn’t repeat itself? Call me what you like but I plan to keep this in front of the people to insure we do a better job of understanding who it is we vote into office. We don’t need to put people in charge who could care less what it is the voter/taxpayers see as priorities.

  4. Smitty, we could not agree with you more. Those that don’t want to be reminded of the mistakes we made in electing the mayor and the four council people referred to have their heads in the sand and likely will repeat the same in the future. Keep this mess infront of us so we make amens this Nov. for past errors.

  5. Starting today Brackett, Knobloch & the rest won’t be able to keep themselves removed from “the city”. The council is now in charge and they can’t simply blame a mayor & city staff for all the ills in the world. Their city manager reports directly to them. I assume that when an event of issue happens, the city manager notifies at least the council chair of what happened and what is planned to deal with it. The chair should notify fellow council members and now everyone is in the loop.

    Ms. Brackett doesn’t like how something is handled, she now only look in a mirror to see who to blame. When are these council people going to learn that THEY ARE the city government. I know old habits die hard, but they really need to get their act together as they now have the FOG that they wanted.

    As far as wanting to spend thousands on a “study”, that is pure stupidity. Not only is it unnecessary (look at what all the state & county experts are telling them), but just where is all the money for that going to come from? Only the feds can print money Ms. Brackett. As far as Knobloch’s comments, kinda out of touch & goofy. Something I would normally expect from a person that eats paint chips.

  6. Sorry if I offended you with the mad dog comment.It wasn’t specifically aimed at you. It was just generally aimed at the constantly repeated and reprinted same old letter that does nothing to help the situation at hand. Ok, we need some new people and some new ideas. Let’s work on that and get on with the business at hand.

  7. Yes, I too was frustrated with the mayor, some council members & some decisions made by the city. Yes, I too voted for the change in FOG. However we now have(supposedly) a new way of conducting business. I would like us to move forward on that and get out of the ruts of the past. That includes present council members:

    a) Always blaming “the city” no matter what the issue. No “we”.
    b) Always wanting to spend sums of money on consultants or studies.
    c) Never having the fortitude to tell constant whiners to take it
    d) Never coming up with ideas for improvement on their own, instead
    of always waiting for something to be brought to them to dissect.
    e) Always putting essential services (water, sewage, roads & public
    safety) behind social spending or interest group desires.

    Until folks actually change their behaviors & actions, they can talk up a storm and it doesn’t amount to jack squat.

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