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11 thoughts on “UPDATED: Corroded pipe leaking raw sewage into Eagle Harbor

  1. Well as I understand it the city just established an Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination program intended to finger offenders and levy hefty punishments for those allowing or causing pollutants to enter our waterways. Who would have thought the city would step up and be the first perp to ring the gong . . . that ought to garner about $500,000 in fines payable to who, you guessed it, the city!!

  2. One resident of Murden Cove, who was in Winslow yesterday, said that he hadn’t smelled anything unusual.

  3. We need accountability on this.

    Why did the city not know there was a leak?
    Why didn’t the Kitsap Heath Dept issue an advisory over the weekend?

  4. An iron pipe in salt water for 30 years and it’s already leaking? I’m shocked! Truly shocked!

  5. Well as we know the City, thanks to the Mayor and four wonderful Council people have made so many bad decisions that we have no rainy day fund. The point to be made here is that three Council people with good heads and the ability to think warned the four as they spent and spent on projects that were not key priorities for the voting taxpayers but rather on the fours personal agendas. Now a couple of more unplanned problems like this one and the City will not only be negative position but because of the four and their spending the State might fine the City. Wow and just think we elected these four clowns!

    It is high time the four just resign so there are no further messes for the thinkers to clean up.

  6. There is a short story in today’s Seattle Times about wooden pipes still being used by the City of Seattle’s wastewater utility. Neglecting critical infrastructure in favor of pet projects, studies and interest-groups (etcetera, ad nauseum) is not unique to BI. The whole country needs to get back to business.

    Here’s the link to the Seattle story: http://www.seattlepi.com/local/6420ap_wa_wooden_pipeline.html

  7. Quite the contrary, Nick. I am suggesting everybody quit funding their tangential activities and get back to maintaining core infrastructure and responsibilities. Two wrongs do NOT make a right. Two wrongs make an environmental (and fiscal) mess.

  8. Bluelight-

    Suggest you communicate directly with the four who have their own agenda this point as many of already have to no avail. We are apparently going to continue to spend monies on projects the people taxpayers have said they don’t want it spent on thanks to the ex-mayor and the four.

    At least now we know Stoknes is not running again so there is some hope. Peters is the weakest link and needs to go kite flying vs. trying to implement his own agendas all the time.

  9. This is an outrage! I have read articles about What will this do for camping? Uh..don’t go in the water..How about all the marine animals and fish that this has sickened and perhaps killed? I can’t beleive there was nothing in place to fix it before Tuesday!

  10. Tanya- Agree/ Now the question is what to do to make the City more proactive. Start by helping to remove from the Council Snow, it looks like we have already rid ourselves of two bad actors, the Mayor and Kjell. Now work on getting Hilary and Peters to resign. Then without these five we can hopefully find the add’l 4 people to replace them that have some allegiance to the population they are suppose to represent.

    So we began with 5 targets, now we are down to 3, Snow, Hilary, and Peters.

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