Who’ll step up to lead the new city government?

With the mayor’s powers now passing to the City Council, three upcoming council races suddenly have added importance.

But council members Debbie Vancil, Kjell Stoknes and Chris Snow are on the fence as to whether they’ll run again, and no one else has stepped up to take their places.

Read my story about this issue here.

The filing deadline to run for City Council is June 5. Sharpen your pencils.

One thought on “Who’ll step up to lead the new city government?

  1. In the above article it makes the point that Kjell and Snow voted most often/always with the Mayor. So since we booted, in affect the Mayor, lets boot these two also and get back to some reasonable thinking with support for the right programs and most important now spending.

    It is this voters hope that Ms. Vancil will run again as she has supported the right approach for spending and programs during this most difficult time. It sure would not have turned out quite as difficult and stressful if we did not have Snow and Kjell and the othe two pushing the Mayor’s ill though out programs with spending we could not afford, and NOT IN CONCERT WITH THE PRIORITIES OF THE VOTER TAXPAYERS.

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