Scales now considering a run for council

Until tonight, Bob Scales was a candidate for mayor.

Now he’s pondering a bid for the newly-empowered City Council.

“I never say never,” Scales, a former councilman, said on Tuesday night, shortly after early election results showed over 70 percent of island voters want to swap their elected mayor for a manager hired by the council.

“I never planned to run for council again. I’ll just relax for a week or so before I make a decision.”

2 thoughts on “Scales now considering a run for council

  1. He will run — he hasn’t invested all his analysis and image crafting for naught.

    Let’s see other “none usual suspects” throw their hat in the ring also. Let’s stop with the big spending, bigger spender and biggest spender candidates controlling our island.

    Glad to see voters slap down BISD’s $42,000,000 money grab. Stop the taxpayer bleeding.

  2. Bob Scales will be a good re-edition to the Council and the loss of both Kjell and Snow should occur. Too bad they both don’t resign before they do more damage to our fair City. Bob and the others that were on the Council some very few years back tried to control and ill equipped Mayor but for whatever reason found it to be an uphill battle. Now that she is GONE maybe his brains and experience will be most helpful to the total group.

    It on the otherhand is too bad the school issue did not pass. These are very tough times economically and its defeat I suppose is understandable BUT we need to support education and our schools. I trust the School District will go at this again and soon.

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