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3 thoughts on “Stranger declares Bainbridge “Brothel Island”

  1. He/she was criticizing the insensitive idiots knocking on the wrong doors, not “The Island”.

    Bainbridge has a few idiosyncrasies that are fun to jab at, but a brothel is definitely not characteristic of “The Island”. I think the header was to draw attention, not to besmirch the place.

  2. I agree. It’s a shame when blatant sensationalism in journalism end up giving decent places a bad reputation. We’ve seen it happen with Bremerton and Port Orchard time and again. When stories like the poor lug nut man were heard around the world. It’s a shame that Kitsap Sun and others try to profit through stories like these.

    The paper’s website gets a few more (thousand, maybe) hits, but we’re left with the loss of tourism dollars as a result.

  3. Pimps and hookers out of work. Lost ‘johns’. Unleashed dogs. Speed bumps. Graffitti. Smashed mailboxes. When will it end?

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