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4 thoughts on “Kordonowy won’t seek a third term

  1. That was nice of her to wait until now to announce that. If she had done that a week ago the vote to change to manager/council would have lost in a landslide since this whole thing was simply an effort to get rid of her.

  2. This ballot measure was not about Darlene Kordonowy. All she did was highlight the fatal flaw in the present form of Government. She was a symptom of the problem. Placing unchecked power in the hands of one individual no matter whom they are is a recipe for the financial chaos that we now have on the Island.
    When questions are asked by a member of the City Council, as part of the decision making process in expending taxpayer dollars, the answers have to be complete, unbiased and more importantly,readily available. A City manager is hired for his managerial skills not political constituencies. The answers the staff provides will not be dependent upon any agenda or perceived end game.Their jobs are not dependent upon currying favor with one politician. The change should have been made seven years ago and ,just maybe, COBI would not have had to lay off employees and now be living off a credit card.

  3. Hooray! Finally the woman has come to her senses. Were it not for her total inability to manage and lead and all the goofy stuff she created or lead the City into the issue of the form of Gov’t. would never have been questioned, for sure by so many that lead to this vote.

    Now all we have to do is pick up all the pieces and clean up the big mess she will have left.

    There are many who would gladly help her pack up her officed should the help be requested.

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