Police blotter: ‘Hot blonde’ gets ‘messed with,’ despite license plate warning

A Kingston woman returned to her car on Winslow Way to find a note inquiring about a blond who might be interested in “fun” and a certain something spelled “releaf.”

She reported the note to the Bainbridge police, expressing concern that she may be in danger. When police asked her how the letter writer knew she was a blond, the woman noted that her license plate frame reads: “Don’t mess with a hot blonde.”

Also this week: invasive plants were targeted in a nighttime attack on Waterfront Park.

May 10
Camping: Police found three juvenile males camping and drinking beer on Bainbridge High School’s grounds just before 2 a.m. The suspects had laid out sleeping bags in a wooded area near the school. Eight unopened cans of beer and one open can was found near the sleeping bags. One suspect had a hat with two beer holders connected to a tube for transferring beer from the hat to a drinker’s mouth. The three were cited for trespassing. One of the youths, who admitted to bringing the beer, was arrested for possessing alcohol under the age of 21.

May 9
Mischief: A 34-year-old Seattle man was arrested for malicious mischief after it was reported that he had tried to kick and pry his way into a restricted room at the Winslow ferry terminal shortly after 8 p.m. A witness told police that the suspect had tried to use a knife to open a locked door labeled as accessible to ferry staff only. Police found the man at the terminal. He appeared “excited and somewhat disoriented,” but was cooperative, police said. During a search, police found a switchblade and brass knuckles in the suspect’s pants pockets and a bat in his car, which was parked nearby. Police also found in the car several pills that the suspect identified as his prescribed medication. Bainbridge police turned the case over to the Washington State Patrol, which has jurisdiction over state ferry terminals.

May 7
Crash: A Bainbridge man was treated for face and shoulder injuries after his Honda Accord was struck by a Ford pickup truck on Lynwood Center Road just before 3:30 p.m. The truck driver’s foot had slipped off his brake pedal as he attempted to stop for a slowing car in front of him. Knowing he could not stop in time, the truck driver veered into the oncoming lane, striking the Honda’s driver side. The impact sent the Honda down a 50-foot embankment where it struck several trees and bushes. The Honda driver was transported to a hospital by an ambulance.

Vandalized: A Waterfront Park shed was spray painted and its lock was damaged sometime during the night. Damages were estimated at $355.

May 6
Assault: A 17-year-old Bainbridge male was contacted by police for assaulting another juvenile male on Grow Avenue shortly after 3 p.m. The victim said he’d been walking home from Bainbridge High School when the suspect punched him in the jaw and left in a nearby vehicle. The victim’s injury did not appear to require medical attention, police said. The suspect, who was contacted at his home, admitted to punching the victim. He did so in retaliation for the victim’s alleged assault on a juvenile female at the school. The alleged assault on the female was not reported to police or the school. A report of the incident involving the two males was forwarded to the prosecutor for possible charges.

May 5
Inappropriate: A Kingston woman reported receiving a note on the windshield of her car while it was parked near Winslow Way. The note, which was written on a snack pastry wrapper, read: “I’m looking for a hot blond. Fun and releaf (sic).” It also listed a phone number and a name. The woman said she was fearful that the letter writer may harm her. When asked by police how the writer knew she had blond hair, the woman noted that her license plate frame reads: “Don’t mess with a hot blonde.” Police found that the phone number listed on the note had been disconnected. While possibly inappropriate, the note contained no threats and would not be considered illegal, police said.

Theft: A Bainbridge woman reported that her wallet was taken from the glove box of an unlocked car outside a Blakely Heights Drive home. The wallet contained a small amount of cash, a drivers license, a ferry pass and a bus pass.

Drunken crash: A 42-year-old Bainbridge woman was arrested for drunk driving after she nearly struck another vehicle head-on near the Bainbridge Public Library on Madison Avenue shortly after 9:30 p.m. According to a witness, the suspect’s Nissan station wagon suddenly veered from its lane and nearly hit an oncoming vehicle. The suspect then drove her car onto a sidewalk and came to a stop in the library’s parking lot. Police found the Nissan parked at an odd angle with its engine running. The suspect was slumped down in her seat. She smelled of “stale alcohol,” police reported. Once awakened, the suspect asked where she was. When asked by police where she thought she was, the suspect guessed she was at home. She admitted to having consumed two glasses of wine recently. When told by police that it seemed she’d had more, the suspect admitted to “three glasses.” When told that also seemed low, the suspect responded “four glasses.” She eventually said she was unsure how much she’d had to drink or what time of day she’d began drinking. Police asked her to get out of her car to perform sobriety tests. But, finding that she had “extreme balance issues,” ordered her to remain in her car. She was later transported to the Kitsap County jail.

May 4
Cut: Several holly and laurel bushes were cut down at Waterfront Park. City staff told police they did not authorize the cuttings. Staff noted that the particular plants targeted in the cuttings are invasive species that “choke out” native trees, police reported.