Kordonowy still undecided on reelection bid

kordonowymugsmallMayor Darlene Kordonowy remains undecided on whether she’ll seek a third term.

Kordonowy said in early February that she’d make her decision by March 31. But today – her self-imposed deadline day – Kordonowy said she has not yet “come to terms.”

“I’ve been pushing myself to do it, but I’m not quite ready to make a decision,” she said. “I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking and talking to people about this.”

Former city councilman Bob Scales, a critic of Kordonowy, remains the only candidate to have formally announced a bid for mayor.

Voters will decide on May 19 whether to abolish the elected mayor’s office and replace it with a manager position under the control of the City Council. If the measure passes, Kordonowy would become an eighth councilor until her mayoral term expires at the end of the year.

6 thoughts on “Kordonowy still undecided on reelection bid

  1. Wouldn’t May 20th be the day to announce?And by the way Madame Mayor,
    that is an especially lovely picture of you in the article.

  2. If she was smart (and no claims she is) she would ride off into the sunset. Her mayoralty has been a complete disaster for the city. She managed with the help of the bozos on the City council to take the city to insolvency.

  3. She won’t run unless she feels she would win. And, she has absolutely no chance of winning another election on Bainbridge. Whether the form of government changes or not, stick a fork in her- she is done…

  4. “She managed with the help of the bozos on the City council to take the city to insolvency.”

    Isn’t that the recipe for re-election in Western Washington?

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