Police blotter: Attack of the “baseball bat-wielding felon”

Nope, the header was not referring to Pete Rose. Sorry sports fans. “Baseball bat-wielding felon” was how the victim of a truck window bashing described the suspect in a call to police this week.

Also in this week’s blotter is heart-warmer for all us journalists with shrinking newspapers. A man reportedly threatened his neighbor with a beating if his newspaper was stolen again. Now there’s a man who truly appreciates his local fishwrapper.

Blotter’s below….

Mar. 28
Vandalized: A stop sign and five other street signs were knocked down on Lovgreen Road east of Highway 305. Some of the signs were broken off at the base and lying in the roadway. A city roads crew was called to reset the stop sign.

Mar. 27
Threatened: An employee of the Subway sandwich restaurant on Winslow Way called 911 just after 9 p.m. to report that he’d been threatened by an unknown male. The employee said he was closing the restaurant when the suspect approached and announced his intent to “rob” the business. The suspect then ran in and out of the restaurant. He and another person then began yelling at the employee, daring him to exit the restaurant. They both left after the employee said he was going to call police. The suspect was described as just under 6 feet tall, with black hair and was carrying a skateboard.

Mar. 25
Exposed: A Poulsbo man was arrested for indecent exposure at a parking lot on Lynwood Center Road shortly after 6 p.m. According to four witnesses who were inside a nearby business, the suspect drove up, parked, exposed his penis and began urinating on his vehicle’s rear tire. He then got back into his vehicle and fell asleep. “Witnesses state they were disgusted at this man exposing his penis in front of everyone,” police reported. Police noticed the suspect smelled strongly of alcohol when they woke him. He had a small bottle of vodka with him and appeared to “not understand what was happening or who we were,” an officer reported. He told police he had been waiting at the parking lot for a friend.

Crash: An unoccupied vehicle rolled into a garage on Diamond Place shortly after 11 a.m. The vehicle’s owner, a Poulsbo woman, had parked the vehicle at the top of a sloped driveway to look at a house that was for sale. The vehicle, which had been set in neutral, rolled down the driveway, striking and damaging the home’s garage door and exterior wall. The home’s owner was notified. No injuries.

Harassed: A Madison Avenue business owner reported that he’d received several harassing phone calls on Mar. 22 from an unknown male voice. The caller used “profane language” and uttered racial slurs related to the victim’s Indian heritage. The victim said he could hear a female voice laughing in the background. When police called the phone number where the calls originated, a woman answered and said she hadn’t made the calls, that the phone number was for a business, and that she’d forward the complaint to her human resources department.

Damaged: A High School Road hotel reported almost $800 worth of damage to rooms by unruly customers. Police reported that the rooms were “very messy” and smelled of alcohol. Food, food containers, beer cans, liquor bottles and other trash littered the floors. A hookah smoking device and a small bag of marijuana was found in one of the rooms. Cigarettes caused several burns on carpets and a bathtub. Two people found at the scene who had been using the rooms said the man who paid for the rooms had left. No one admitted to having possessed or used illegal drugs in the hotel.

Mar. 24
Pot: A Bainbridge youth was arrested for possessing a small amount of marijuana at Bainbridge High School shortly after 12:30 p.m. A school employee initially noticed the boy acting oddly in a bathroom. The employee searched the boy’s clothing and backpack, finding a small plastic container with 1.6 grams of marijuana in it. A report was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

Break-in: An unknown person broke into the Flowering Around store and cafe on Winslow Way sometime during the night. Nothing appeared to have been taken, according to the store’s owner. Entry was gained by cutting two chain locks. The owner said she recently fired an employee she suspected of having stolen money from the business. Damages were estimated at $40. No finger prints were found at the scene.

Mar. 22
Threatened: A Potlatch Avenue resident received threatening phone calls from an unknown male who identified himself as her neighbor. The man, who had a southern accent and gravely voice, said he would assault her for stealing his newspapers. “It’s 50 cents a day,” he reportedly said. He noted his intention “to come over there and kick your (rear end).” The victim denied taking anyone’s newspapers. Police contacted the small number of residents on her street. None said they were missing any newspapers and denied making threatening phone calls.

Mar. 16
Bashed: A Moxee man was arrested for disorderly conduct after he broke the window of a truck with a baseball bat on North Madison Avenue shortly after 11 a.m. The truck’s owner called 911 to report that a “baseball bat-wielding felon” had threatened him and smashed the window. He said the suspect was still somewhere in the area. The victim said the suspect had demanded the return of a guitar and amplifier. They also discussed the possible sale of prescription drugs. The suspect, who appeared intoxicated, “flew off the handle,” and began beating the truck with the bat, the victim said. The suspect was found in a nearby house in the woods. He told police that he was angry at the victim for being “a drunk,” having illicit relations with several women and for not returning his his guitar and amp. He admitted to damaging the truck. A background check revealed that the suspect had two felony warrants from Jefferson and Clark counties.