City to cut another $3.6 million from budget

A marathon nine-hour City Council meeting ended with the decision to cut another $3.55 million from an ever-slimming budget.

Most of the cost savings will come from surplus property sales and staffing reductions.

Another $1 million in cuts have yet to be decided. The council put off a decision on possible reduced support for community organizations.

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2 thoughts on “City to cut another $3.6 million from budget

  1. COBI want to sell property they bought high. Great time to sell COBI property — a tanked market. Also, there was a whole lot of skipping payments 2 years down the line where we have no guarantee COBI will again be flush with money. At what point does a 3-day City Hall operation mean the taxpayers are not getting the services they already paid for with taxes? COBI must cut staff.

    Also there was a tremendous reluctance to cutting HHS and BIAHC funding. Both are protected ‘special interests” of Council members who lavished extraordinary funding on them previously.

    I certainly got the feeling of a con session as I watched the Council let the creative juices flow.

    All of this weighs in on the effort to change the BI form of government. It is clear the combination of Mayor and Council have gotten us in this economic pickle and changing the government WILL NOT solve the problems.

    See YouTube call to recall Mayor K. (double click on the link)

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