Bainbridge city councilman enters the blogosphere

Councilman Barry Peters has a new blog at

Peters has already written a handful of posts about city finances, Bainbridge green buildings and the Winslow Way reconstruction project.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Have you seen the stories and editorials about the City Council being consumed in 2008 by 4-to-3 votes? See, for example, the Bainbridge Review’s end-of-year news recap (12/31, p.1).

I think that’s a misconception, so I spent many hours logging every vote taken during the 43 Council meetings (out of 49 in 2008) for which I could find meeting Minutes. I ignored the “Consent Agenda” (which tend to be small noncontroversial matters) and procedural votes, unless they were controversial or significant.

Mostly 4-3? Not by a mile. It turns out that two-thirds of the Council’s 255 significant votes in 2008 were unanimous.”

One thought on “Bainbridge city councilman enters the blogosphere

  1. Spin and counter spin. Is this the site where Barry Peters will announce he is running for Mayor? Hmmm ! I prefer to hear Barry Peters at the Council hearings. The goals at COBI meetings are less opaque than letters to the editor or curve balls.

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