Police blotter: punching the repo man

Not even a punch to the head can stop the repo man. As one Bainbridge man found, the truck still gets repossessed and the Volvo used to stop the repo man gets scratched.

Blotter’s below…

Mar. 8
Theft: A teak and bronze tiller was reported stolen from a sailboat near Harborview Drive. Losses were estimated at $500.

Mar. 4
Assault: A Bainbridge man reportedly punched a tow truck driver who was repossessing his Chevy Tahoe pickup truck. The victim, a Lacey resident employed by Wachovia Bank, said the suspect reached into his truck’s window and punched him in the head at just before 9 p.m. on Madison Avenue. The punch caused the driver’s foot to slip off his brake. His truck rolled into a Volvo car that had been positioned to prevent the Tahoe’s repossession. The impact caused a large scrape on the car’s side. Police told the suspect that he was interfering with a lawful repossession and asked him to leave “about a dozen times” before he complied. Police noted that the suspect exuded the odor of alcohol and seemed to be suffering from mood swings. A report was forwarded to the county prosecutor for possible assault charges.

Pot: A Bainbridge man was arrested at his High School Road home shortly after 9 a.m. for possession of a small amount of marijuana, a bong and other drug paraphernalia. Police had visited the suspect’s house after hearing from several sources that he was dealing drugs to high school students. The officers did not have a warrant. When they knocked at his door, a voice was heard saying “Come in!” Once inside, the suspect said he knew why the police were visiting, said he wanted to “be honest” and volunteered that he had a bong. Despite the officers’ assurances that their presence in his home was voluntary, the suspect consented to a home search.

One thought on “Police blotter: punching the repo man

  1. Why would the police ever say anything other than that the suspect “volunteered” to have his home searched? All confessions and like statements of guilt from people under arrest should be excluded since they cannot be relied up to have been free from physical and other types of coercion. And why arrest a guy, not for dealing, but for having pot in his own house? Stuff like this is why people hate cops. Me, I have no problem with the Man.I heart cops. But other people hate them, I have heard.

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