Police blotter: Waterfront Park bathroom attacked

Only a few dozen flushes into its short life, the new Waterfront Park bathroom, which only took six years to build, has already had a sink ripped from its walls.

I’ll give it three years before the city settles on a design for a replacement sink.

Read this week’s blotter below…

Feb. 26
Vandalism: A sink was torn away from a wall and plumbing was damaged at the new Waterfront Park bathroom. Damages were estimated over $250.

Drunk driving: A Poulsbo male was arrested for drunk driving on Highway 305 near Vineyard Lane shortly after midnight. Police initially noticed the suspect traveling in his pickup truck at a speed of about 17 mph above the posted 40 mph speed limit. Once pulled over, the suspect exhibited slurred speech and smelled strongly of alcohol. He initially said he had “one drink of liquor” at the Clearwater Casino in Suquamish. He later admitted to having consumed three drinks, that his driving was impaired by alcohol, that he was a recovering alcoholic and has a previous drunk driving citation.

Feb. 25
Crash: A Bainbridge female struck a tree with her car along Hidden Cove Road after swerving to avoid a deer. No injuries.

Feb. 24
Pot: A male was arrested for possessing marijuana on Manual Road shortly after 4 p.m. Police initially pulled the man over after noticing his Honda traveling without a front license plate. An officer smelled the odor of burned marijuana emanating from the car. When questioned about the odor, the suspect said he had smoked a cigarette. The officer told the suspect that if all he had was a mall amount of pot or a pot pipe, he give him a citation and wouldn’t take him to jail. The suspect “sighed and then removed a multi-colored glass marijuana pipe” hidden near the passenger seat. He also produced a small baggie with 1.1 grams of pot in it.

Harassed: A Bainbridge woman found flyers posted around her Fletcher Bay neighborhood that accused her of tax fraud. Titled “Tax Fraud/Tax Cheat,” the flyers disclosed the victim’s income, occupation and phone number. The victim suspects that her ex-husband may have posted the flyers.

Theft: A Manitou Beach Road resident reported that items valued at $700 were stolen from his unlocked car during the night. Police redacted descriptions of the stolen items.

Feb. 23
Pot: Three students were caught smoking pot at Woodward Middle School on Sportsman Club Road just after 9 a.m. School staff confiscated a glass marijuana pipe and a small amount of marijuana. One of the suspects told police that she was doing her homework before school when she was approached by two other students. She admitted that she joined them behind a portable and took a few hits from the pipe. The other two students admitted to smoking too. Two of the students were arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana.