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10 thoughts on “$42 million school construction bond headed for May ballot

  1. Bainbridge School District and Board are ready to poke the taxpayers in the eye. Does the Bond Gang read the newspapers about the strain on taxpayers and citizens? Apparently not.

    Wilkes 51 years old. My house is older than that. Can the taxpayers please rebuild my house for me. Of course not and I maintain my house so it will last indefinitely.

    School-age population on BI has been declining and will continue to do so.

    Organized opposition of this bond boomerang is building.


  2. I seem to recall the same issues being made for getting a bond to pay for Woodward Middle School. The BISD played the safety and security card and said that Commodore was not safe for students to occupy. Said it was outdated, aged beyond its useful life, over -crowded, fire sprinkler problems, would crumble in a mild earthquake, and on and on…

    Now, years after Woodward has been built the District is not only still using Commodore but lets various community groups use it as well. Guess the concerns went away after they got money & a new building.

    Not sure this bond is gonna be a slam dunk.

  3. Hunter — between now and vote date we will see a barrage of press release dutifully printed verbatim by the Sun, Islander and Review (and perhaps the blogs) detailing how Wiles is worse than the worst rat-infested LA school. The process is predictable.

    To be seen what voter resistance to the $42M bond marshals.

    BISD #303 takes it for granted the local taxpayers are dupes. BISD #303 miscalculated with their failure of a tech levy several years ago (a stunning defeat) and that may be the case here also.

  4. If the credentialed working press and the media outlet that they actually work for decide to publish someone’s ‘press release’, isn’t it their duty to publish said release verbatim? Afterwords, other ‘media’ types, should they decide to accept the mission, can cast their own spin into the waters.

  5. Crime Reporter aka Acid Blotter — it is one thing to publish the press release and identify it as a BISD #303 press release. However, when the press release details are embedded in a “news report” and it reads like a press release, that is where we have an issue. Numbers provided by BISD #303 that don’t comport with reality passed along by our local MSN, that is the dastardly deed. Voters are busy and they when they look at press release masquerading as analytical news leads us into trouble. Our papers and tv stations have become lap dogs as opposed to the 4th estate keeping government honest.

    Perhaps Bnews could divert their attention span from silly reports or police hack to analyzing issues such as a $42 million bond issue.

  6. Jim,You better stop calling me names or you are really gonna hurt my feelings even more than you already have. I’ve told you before, I am not a ‘crime reporter’.I am not even a reporter,and I have nothing to do with BNEWS except to appear on it every night at 5pm and 10pm on channel 12, and 6pm and 11pm on channel 22,[and also early in the morning hours, check the schedule at BITV.org.],as an unpaid [read:volunteer] entertainer.If you are not entertained,find your remote and switch back to Fox News.Or, go to Youtube and watch one of your yellow videos again.I mean it about the name calling mister.I’m very sensitive.And know this Jim. Now that you have hurt my tender feelings,you will never be included in one of my Police Blotter segments again no matter what crime you are involved in.Unless of course its really funny.

  7. You allow BNEWS reader to call you names on air before the Acid Blotter — what gives. I forget the accolades given to you by her . . . the cherry on my cake . . . or was it apple in the pig . . . anyway, they were some hefty names call JH.

    Being as hard boiled as you are, you can handle the names. I just can tell by the blinking lights and the sirens. Wow !

  8. Acid Blotter wounds me fatally by saying “Now that you have hurt my tender feelings,you will never be included in one of my Police Blotter segments again no matter . . .” The question is when will Acid Blotter be in his own reporting? Hmmm ! Now that will be precious. Colbert doing a mock of Stewart doing warmed over Lenny Bruce.

  9. That’s not very funny Jim.It’s just mean. My poor dog ‘Precious’
    suffered horribly before dying. When I find the strength I’m going to dig her a small grave in a special place out in the orchard and then my kids and my grandkids are going to come over for a private service. That little cocker spaniel has been with us for fourteen years and I don’t know what I’m going to tell my grandkids,especially the twins. They are only five years old and they loved that dog and she loved them. She was the best dog. She was…she was …she…she was the…I can’t go on…Psych!!! Have a nice day Jim.

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