Two-week Highway 305 closure planned in September

Highway officials plan to close a stretch of 305 between Suquamish and Poulsbo for 15 days this fall.

The closure, which would begin Sept. 8, is part of a work plan to replace to culverts running under the highway. Traffic would be rerouted, adding just over three miles to the trip between Bainbridge Island and Poulsbo.

Local officials are concerned about how the closure will impact North Kitsap and Bainbridge drivers.

“This is going to be hell for a lot of people,” Poulsbo City Councilwoman Becky Erickson said.

Read Derek Sheppard’s story here for more information.

One thought on “Two-week Highway 305 closure planned in September

  1. Well Becky as I understand it, hell has no end. Unlike the “hell” of the last two summers on the main HWY 305 revisions within Poulsbo, this project is projected to last only two weeks. Yes it will be a disturbance and we will need to plan ahead. But I would find it a pretty sad commentary of our local citizens if we couldn’t adapt for this short period. I appreciate your concern for us but I truly think that we can cope.

    WSDOT can only afford to do a few of these each year and we are lucky these creeks have ranked so high on the list that funds have been allocated for the work. Almost $3.5 million will be spent right here on these two creeks. Nice stimulus if you can find it. We should be happy about that opportunity. Here is a link to the WSDOT project site for more info:

    For the record, I commute to the other side for work and live on Lemolo Shore Drive so yes I expect to be impacted.

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