The future of “Strawberry Plant Park”

First off, I think we need a new name for the Strawberry Plant property. It’s kind of confusing and awkward, in my humble opinion. Park-goers might think the place once grew strawberry plants. Actually, it canned strawberries and shipped them off from a pier over the harbor.

We could name it in honor of the creosote pilings that were removed this month….maybe “Toxic Log Park”? At least that’ll keep the tourists away and leave it for the locals to enjoy. What’s your pick? Post your park name nominations here.

On to the issue at hand: the City Council and park district settled on a design plan for the park on Tuesday. View a detailed illustration of the plan by clicking here.

The design made some history-loving humans unhappy but it’ll likely make a lot of habitat-missing salmon happy.

It’s not all for the fishes. An overwater viewing platform, kayak launch and pedestrian bridge linking to a Winslow trail are in the works. The park district is beginning a public planning process for the property’s massive concrete slab and wooded uplands. Park Commissioner Dave Shorett urges anyone who is thinking about suggesting tennis or basketball courts to take a look at what the seagulls do with the slab.

Click here for my story on the council/park board decision.

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