Police blotter: Chilly Hilly’s pellet gun snipers

A pair of air gun-armed Bainbridge teens were arrested after trying to pickoff cyclists during Sunday’s Chilly Hilly ride. No one reported injuries. A female cyclist was reportedly shot, but pedaled on.

For next year’s ride, look for the new essential in Chilly Hilly riding gear: Wind resistant, moisture-wicking, Gore-Tex polyfiber-weave Kevlar bike shorts. The sales slogan: “Deflects wind, rain and BBs.” I’m filing for a patent tomorrow. Pre-orders start today.

Feb. 22
Theft: A Bainbridge female reported the theft of her purse during a dance at Bainbridge High School. The victim had stored the purse under a stairwell near adults who were selling dance tickets. Losses included cash and an iPod valued at $300.

Threat: A Homestead Lane resident reported that an unknown female called him on his phone and threatened to kill him. He could hear laughing in the background when the threat was made.

Passed: A juvenile male was cited for passing a school bus while it was unloading students on Grow Avenue. The suspect contested the bus driver’s sworn testimony that the bus was stopped. He admitted he saw the bus’ flashing stop lights but said he chose to pass anyway. The suspect’s father also contested the citation, noting that his son was a 4.0 student and does not lie. Noting that he was a lawyer, the father demanded documentation of the incident and predicted the citation would be dismissed. An officer told the father that the citation would follow normal protocol and would not include additional documents.

Shot: Two Bainbridge teenagers were arrested for shooting a pellet gun at cyclists on Hidden Cove Road during the Chilly Hilly bicycling event. Cyclists reported to police that a group of juvenile males had been shooting at cyclists from a wooded hill area. According to witnesses, the suspects had fired an air rifle, retreated, and then fired from other nearby locations. A female cyclist was reportedly struck by one of the pellets but continued to ride. No one reported injuries. An event support vehicle driver also said his van was hit by pellets. An officer reported seeing youths flee the area when he arrived. One of the youths was apprehended at a baseball field near Cambridge Crest. The other was caught at an undisclosed location. Both were cited for reckless endangerment and obstructing police. The event’s organizers are working with police to locate other witnesses or possible victims.

Crash: A Bainbridge male rolled a vehicle at a high rate of speed and crashed into a tree on Peterson Hill Road just before 4 a.m. The vehicle’s roof was severely damaged. No injuries were reported.

Theft: An unknown male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt stole an 18-pack of beer from the Chevron station on Hildebrand Lane at 12:40 a.m.

Feb. 18
Theft: An unknown male wearing hooded coat stole an 18-pack of beer from the Chevron station on Hildebrand Lane just before 10:20 p.m.

Weapon: A Bainbridge youth was arrested for possessing metal knuckles at Bainbridge High School shortly after 2 p.m. School staff told police that the suspect was on probation for vandalism and had been in several fights at school. The suspect told police he never intended to use the knuckles as a weapon. The weapon was discovered when it fell from his belt as he stood up in class to sharpen his pencil.

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  1. Good lesson that lawyer taught his son, to contest an obvious infraction. Way to go JA. Just what we need is more people who refuse to take responsibility for their actions. No wonder so many people despise Islanders.

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