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One thought on “Bainbridge press forum airs on BITV

  1. Actually there was a great discussion of this confab over at the Paulson’s Notebook (http://bainbridgenotes.wordpress.com/). The blog discussion is the second-to-the-last “Where do we get our news?” There are comments from various media types and citizens about the shortfalls of local media. There are over thirty comments.

    One that I posted has to do with the issue of what our local cable access tv station calls bnews. I maintain what you see is fluff and in some serious ways a pay-to-play coverage. You become a sponsor and suddenly coverage miraculously falls to the sponsor. Also raised was the issue of media (tv on bi) grossly overstating their viewership. Read the posts. This bi tv station has about a 5% penetration of the 4,000 max Comcast customers watching yet they throw around the figure of 700,000 audience for their “news.”

    Journalistic standards are shattered with misleading figures like that and selling infomational fluff as news.

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