They’re STILL talking about prostitutes….

Two days ago, Kitsap Sun crime reporter Josh Farley wrote a followup story about charges filed against four alleged prostitutes who were arrested at a Bainbridge hotel.

Over 48 hours later, readers are still commenting on the story. I think there’s almost 50 now.

To save you a lot of time, here’s a few highlights:

“BI Girls, They’ve been living in their white bread world…”

“Hookers and drugs go hand in hand like cheerios and milk.”

“Lots of trophy wives on Bainbridge, but that’s legal.”

And common refrains:

“Legalize it!”


“Tax it.”

The Feb. 7 Seattle Times’ story about the arrests has raked in 134 comments. A quick rundown of the comments reveals that debate over in Seattle sounds a lot like it does over here (but with maybe a few less Bainbridge jokes).

And the story I wrote on Feb. 2 about the arrests is, today, still getting reader comments. I tried counting all the posts but became dizzy from all the downward scrolling. The story ranks as our fifth most-commented story, right under stories about child rape, transsexual rights and same-sex marriage.

I’m starting to see a theme here….but I still have hope that my latest story on city finances will fly into the top ten like a rocket.*

*Just kidding.