Bermant: “Got stones? Then tell me your name”

Speaking of online comments (see last post), islander and Kitsap News Group reporter Charlie Bermant put out a challenge to commenters to either put a name with the words or keep the words to themselves.

Anonymous posts, Bermant says in Crosscut, are…

…more likely to be nasty, destructive, and in many cases just plain stupid. Bad spelling. Faulty logic. A snotty tone. Since most posters haven’t the stones to attach their own names to these rants, there is no accountability and nothing to impose a standard of truth.

Bermant’s conclusion:

The solution is simple and obvious, and a really great message: Tell the truth. Speak your piece. Sign your name.

4 thoughts on “Bermant: “Got stones? Then tell me your name”

  1. This is oil spill from a conversation on Athea Paulson’s blog at Notebook. CB tried selling this concept there wagging his pointy evidence the same level of CB’s jaundice. Read the record in Ms. Paulson’s blog and tell me that CB using his name is any inoculation from rants and mean-spirited comments. In fact the blog madam made that point as did other anonymous and non-anonymous posters.

    I must have missed the coronation of CB and our local ANOINTED ONE of blog etiquette. CB is not the Nanny-state Censor or Blog Czar. Did Obama give him this tremendous power? Oy vey CB. Isn’t there enough going on in the PO Independent to keep you busy?

    Post under your name or post anonymously. The weight of the argument is carried by the weight of your case.

  2. Actually the title sounds like a tease in the Advocate “Bermant: “Got stones? Then tell me your name”. Was this CB’s idea? Don’t ask: don’t tell.

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