Police blotter: Motorcyclist shifts into “bad decision mode”

A motorcyclist leads police on a high-speed chase on island roads, through the woods and later to his home, where he explained that “bad decision mode” had led him astray.

Also in the blotter this week, the makings of a bad knock-knock joke:

“Knock, knock”
“Who’s there?”
“Punch who?”
“Punch you…in the face.”

Feb. 9
Punched: Hearing a knock just before 2 a.m., a Bainbridge man opened his door to an unknown man who punched him in the face. Police searched the victim’s Homestead Lane neighborhood but found no suspects.

Feb. 8
Chase: A Bainbridge motorcyclist was arrested after attempting to elude a pursuing police car on Fletcher Bay Road shortly after 4:30 p.m. An officer initially recognized the motorcyclist as having been recently arrested for not having a license. When the officer activated his siren, the suspect rapidly accelerated to 60 mph in a 25 mph zone. The chase continued to Potlach Road, where the suspect continued driving into a roadless wooded area and disappeared from view. Knowing the suspect from previous arrests, police went to his Battle Point Drive residence later in the day. Finding him on his porch with friends and listening to loud music, an officer drew his gun and told him to put his hands up. The suspect “feigned surprise,” but complied, an officer said. He told police that he was out of town when the chase happened and that the police “had the wrong guy.” When police noted that they clearly recognized him from the incident and earlier arrests, the suspect admitted to eluding police. He told police he was in “bad decision mode” and that he had hoped to “lie his way out of it.” His motorcycle was found in nearby bushes, covered in ferns.

Feb. 5
Hit-and-run: A Bainbridge resident ran his Volvo through a stop sign and into a tree on Hidden Cove Road just before 5:30 a.m. Police found the vehicle was severely damaged and unoccupied.

Assault: A female was arrested for assaulting a Bremerton male at a Shepard Way residence just before 9 p.m. Police were alerted to the residence after someone there had called 911 but hung up. No other information was provided by police.

Feb. 3
Road rage: A Bainbridge man called police to report that a man had driven a Saab car down his Sandpiper Lane driveway and indicated his intent to “take care of the problem” they had earlier in the day. The victim explained to police that he and the unknown man had a heated argument on an island road about a tailgating incident.