Bainbridge + Prostitution = Vegas?

Sorry if that header got your hopes up.

Celine Dion and Cirque du Soleil haven’t booked any shows at BPA as of yet. The Luxor has no plans to build a second pyramid on Winslow Way. And you’ll still have to cross the bridge if you want any action at the slots.

The Seattle Times has determined that the recent prostitution arrests are no cause for concern that Bainbridge’s “upper-crust community will start looking like Las Vegas any time soon.”

Huh. I was actually worried it would start looking like Seattle’s Aurora Avenue.

But that little “any time soon” bit has me thinking. How soon is “soon?” Will it take a year, two years, a whole decade before the prostitutes bring palm trees, sunshine and Elvis impersonators* to Bainbridge?

*Oh yeah, that one already happened.

2 thoughts on “Bainbridge + Prostitution = Vegas?

  1. If it were island criminals with island folks soliciting them I would be impressed. But, out of town cops luring out of town criminals to the island simply to arrest them seems like a waste of money and resources. Especially for a crime which the state doesn’t place a great deal of serious legal ramifications on. A misdemeanor? I would imagine one could email or phone any number of out of town prostitutes/call-girls/escort service and get them to meet you just about anywhere. In this time of tight tax dollars and resources, I think the tremendous time and effort could have been more wisely spent elsewhere.

  2. It sounds like cops with too much time on their hands.

    As for Vegas, there IS a casino nearby. Maybe it’s only a matter of time… Toot toot, yeeeaahhh, beep beep!

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