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Mossback: “Yeomalt is a part of the old New Deal worth saving”

Yeomalt cabin
Yeomalt cabin

As the country turns its attention to a new New Deal, columnist Knute “Mossback” Berger writes in Crosscut that the remnants of the old New Deal are under threat.

Hundreds of Works Progress Administration-commissioned cabins and other structures have or may soon face the wrecking ball.

One highpoint, Berger notes, is Bainbridge Island’s Yeomalt cabin, WPA structure that volunteers have worked to preserve.

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Police blotter: Motorcyclist shifts into “bad decision mode”

A motorcyclist leads police on a high-speed chase on island roads, through the woods and later to his home, where he explained that “bad decision mode” had led him astray.

Also in the blotter this week, the makings of a bad knock-knock joke:

“Knock, knock”
“Who’s there?”
“Punch who?”
“Punch you…in the face.”

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Bainbridge + Prostitution = Vegas?

Sorry if that header got your hopes up.

Celine Dion and Cirque du Soleil haven’t booked any shows at BPA as of yet. The Luxor has no plans to build a second pyramid on Winslow Way. And you’ll still have to cross the bridge if you want any action at the slots.

The Seattle Times has determined that the recent prostitution arrests are no cause for concern that Bainbridge’s “upper-crust community will start looking like Las Vegas any time soon.”

Huh. I was actually worried it would start looking like Seattle’s Aurora Avenue.

But that little “any time soon” bit has me thinking. How soon is “soon?” Will it take a year, two years, a whole decade before the prostitutes bring palm trees, sunshine and Elvis impersonators* to Bainbridge?

*Oh yeah, that one already happened.