Prostitution arrests…on Bainbridge?

Bainbridge police sent out this bare-bones press release today:

Bainbridge Island Police Department concluded an investigation that resulted in four (4) arrests and bookings for prostitution on Bainbridge Island. Bainbridge Island Police Detectives received assistance from Detectives and Officers from Bremerton Police Department, Seattle Police Department, Washington State Patrol and NCIS.

Detectives from the listed agencies coordinated their efforts since these suspects are known to commit crimes in each agency’s jurisdiction. Additional arrests and search warrants are likely due to the intelligence that has been gathered.

No mention of where and when. No call-backs yet from the BIPD. I’ll post more later…

UPDATE: See my new post on the arrests here.

One thought on “Prostitution arrests…on Bainbridge?

  1. Why even bother with a press release that is devoid of any details? Do the police issue press releases every time they arrest someone? Isn’t that their job?

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