Feds set aside almost $1 million for BI schools

The Bainbridge Island School District is slated to receive $950,800 in a federal stimulus package that passed the House on Wednesday.

The money is directed toward new construction projects, but leftover funds could be used for programs serving poor and disabled children.

Other Kitsap County schools were also named as beneficiaries of the larger $819 billion package. South Kitsap is in line to receive $4.8 million, Central Kitsap $4.7 million, Bremerton $4.5 million and North Kitsap $2.5 million. North Mason is scheduled to receive $972,300

“It’s a great thing for education,” said U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks, D-Belfair.

The bill passed in the House 244-188. No Republicans supported the bill.

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