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6 thoughts on “UPDATED: City staff get pink slips

  1. Trust the City will also use this opportunity to rid itself of some of its poorest employees who reside in the planning dept. Our red headed bearded malcontent should be #1 on the list!

  2. Ken, for those employees that are members of the union (which is the majority) you don’t get to pick & choose whom to fire. It is based totally on seniority.

  3. While job cuts are never pleasant, COBI paid $147,000 for the Benchmark Study. The study identified the fact the COBI had 20% more staff than comparable cities and had lower-than-average production out of them. As long as COBI was flush with taxpayer cash, the issue was not a priority. However the increased personnel were costing us $3M per year. Imagine what that $3M could be used for today in taking care of core missions and keeping the COBI doors open during normal business hours.

    COBI Mayor and Council are responsible directly for this mess. Let’s now make any mistake about that.

  4. HST-
    Understand your comment and it is this type of Union stranglehold that is exactly what is driving our education system to the brink also-that is specifically tenure a type of seniority. So you are saying we are stuck with the redhead bearded trouble maker who operates from his own agenda?

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