Police blotter: Land Rover takes to the sky to attack a tree and house

This week, a young lady took a Land Rover off the road and then launched it into the foggy air. She hit a tree while airborne and then a house when she landed. She was OK. The Land Rover and house and tree were not.

Also, this was a bad week for pedestrians. One of them even got cited for not using a crosswalk to cross the highway (after he was knocked into a ditch by a Lexus and taken to Harborview). The nearest crosswalk was in Suquamish.

Jan. 23
Burglary: Over $2,500 in cash was stolen from a Parfitt Way restaurant during a nighttime burglary. The business’ owner found that a door had been pried open and that two safes containing cash were broken into. A cash register was damaged but had not been opened. Damages were estimated at $1,300. Blue mittens believed to have belonged to the thief were found at the scene.

Jan. 22
Crash: A Kitsap Transit bus struck the rear end of a Ford truck at the High School Road roundabout shortly after 8:30 a.m. The truck, which was driven by a Bainbridge man, had stopped to allow pedestrians to cross. The bus driver was cited for inattention. No one was injured, and the bus’ riders were let off before police arrived.

Jan. 21
Graffiti: A Winslow Way business reported $2,000 worth of damage caused by spray-painted graffiti. “BSO” was a common tag used in the graffiti.

Jan. 19
Crash: A Bainbridge female drove a Range Rover over an embankment, went airborne, struck a large tree while in the air and crashed into a house on Manzanita Road shortly after landing. The crash happened sometime during the night, causing $5,000 worth of damage. Two columns on the house’s front porch were badly damaged by the vehicle, which left the scene after the impact. Based on witness accounts and bits of vehicle left at the scene, police were able to locate the Range Rover’s driver. She told police that she had not seen a stop sign that was shrouded by fog, causing her to crash into the house. She said she planned to call the home’s owner to pay for damages, but that no contact had been made. A report was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for possible hit-and-run and reckless driving charges.

Jan. 18
Assault: A Bainbridge man was assaulted by his neighbor just before 4 p.m. on Agate Point Road after a confrontation about a noisy dog. The victim, who wanted to sleep, had called the suspect and asked him to quiet his barking dog. The suspect went to the victim’s house and assaulted him and damaged his property. Police did not disclose further details about the assault or the damage.

Theft: Bainbridge residents left a Silverdale restaurant without paying. According to witnesses, the suspects had left a credit card on their table before leaving. When the card was rejected, a waitress confronted the suspects in the parking lot. “Hey, it’s not our problem,” one of the suspects said before leaving the scene. Bainbridge police used the credit card to lead them to a Grow Avenue home, where they confronted the resident. Police and the resident determined that his wallet had been stolen from his truck earlier in the day when he was parked on Brien Drive. His wallet contained $80 in cash, ID and credit cards.

Burglary; A TV and DVD player was stolen from Bethany Lutheran Church on Finch Road sometime during the night. Police found that a window had been dismantled to gain entry.

Party bust: Two Bainbridge youths were arrested for underage drinking at a house party on Fletcher Bay Road shortly after 1 a.m. Police were initially called to the house on a noise complaint. They found three teenagers on the porch who appeared highly intoxicated. All three were detained after admitting to drinking alcohol. One suspect awaits possible charges in the juvenile justice system.

Struck: A man was struck and slightly injured by a car while crossing Wyatt Way just before 9 a.m. The car driver, a Bainbridge man, said he didn’t see the pedestrian, who was walking in a designated crosswalk with his wife. The victim sustained scrapes to an arm and leg, and suffered pain in an elbow. The driver was cited for failing to yield to a pedestrian.

Jan. 15
Struck: A pedestrian was struck and injured while crossing Highway 305 near the Agate Pass bridge shortly after 6 p.m. Police found the victim, a Bainbridge man, lying in a ditch. He was conscious and expressed worry that he’d not be able to work the next day. Witnesses said the man “bolted” across the road and was struck by a Lexus car traveling at about 45 mph. The victim was “flipped up over the vehicle,” according to witnesses. He victim was taken to Harborview Hospital where he was found to have suffered no serious injuries. He was cited by police for failing to cross the highway at a designated crosswalk.