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3 thoughts on “City’s unexpected budget drop will lead to “dramatic cuts”

  1. We can only blame ourselves for this mess. The Mayor did such a wonderful job in convincing the populace that she was not the problem it was the Council that we elected last time around replacement Council people that are far worse, all have hearing problems as they don’t seem to hear what the taxpayers are asking be done, don’t read as the downturn has been fully forecast, and more. We have four Council people who under the direction of the Mayor are leading the City to absolute ruins. What is required is an “Attila the Hun”.

  2. Please don’t lump Councilperson Kim Brackett into that mess. She was elected in 2007 and she has been an invaluable addition to the council. Sadly she is part of the current minority. Of the four who are walking in lock step with the Mayor, two were sitting members in 2007 and two were newly elected (both unopposed by the way).

  3. Kim Brackett is not one of the fabulous 4. She listens and has a good head on her shoulders. The four who need to be booted ar SNOW, KJELL,FRANZ, and PETERS. They all four need hearing aids. Think about the recent bonding for Winslow Way- Should we be paying from the lessening tax dollars coming in interest for a beautification project of any magnitude?

    Facing reality is something these four need help with. The economy is in the toilet, BI revenues are in the toilet, people are loosing their jobs and we are told the City budget is to be cut but NOT Winslow Way because this is a bonding. WOW

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