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5 thoughts on “The doggone lies about pickleball

  1. Thanx for the heads-up about the name of the game with the funny name.Regardless if it were named for a boat (Mrs. P’s version) or a dog (Reporter’s trumped-up version; and attested to by the inventor)it is still a game with a funny name!!!!!!!!!
    Ron Farra Saratoga Springs NY

  2. My dad was a friend of Joel Pritchard, and he told me that many years ago,Joel had seen crewmen off of a Japanese ship batting a ball around on one of the piers in Seattle and that, along with Joel’s kids looking for something to do, started the idea of Pickle-Ball.When my family moved here 25 years ago, one of the first things my dad did was have a regulation Pickle-Ball court built. Countless hours of friendly, hard fought battles have taken place on our court over the years. My wife and I have pretty much retired from the game but back in the day,only my cousin Jack could beat us with any regularity. We were good! Besides home court advantage, we were the ‘keepers’ of the rule book and fast talkers and had a lot of fun trouncing all comers. We were shameless! We used to leap up in the air and slap paddles whenever we scored while playing doubles. One friend used to challenge me all of the time,and he rarely won, blaming his losses on. “the sun was in my eyes,my shoes are too tight, you are cheating,blah blah blah.” He went so far as to have his own court built and used to try and get me to come play but I told him, “No thanks. I’ve got my own court.” What a great game.

  3. I continue to be amused by the pickleball naming debate. I would tend to believe Mrs. Pritchard. After all, Mom’s never lie. Pickleball Rocks!

  4. I also believe Mrs. Pritchard…and Peggy Pritchard (who was also there)… and Mr. Pritchard (the man who invented sport). All of them say its not named after the dog. So why is there any debate at all? Who’s more credible than the family that invented the game?

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