Police blotter: Mechanic slips on ice, injures back while chasing burglars

Ice is the friend of burglars and school kids.

Dec. 17
Burglary: The manager of a Rolling Bay auto shop was injured when he slipped on ice while chasing suspected burglars from the fenced yard of his business. The manager told police that he initially saw a male scaling the inner-side of chain link fence at approximately 6:30 a.m. The suspect crested the fence’s barbed-wire top as the manager ran to apprehend him, but slipped on icy grass. His back suffered minor injuries. While lying on the ground, the manager noticed a second suspect climb another portion of the fence and get caught for a few moment on razor wire before running away. None of the customer vehicles parked in the fenced area appeared to have been damaged and nothing appeared to be missing.

Dec. 1
Iced: The parking lot and driveway of the Bainbridge Island School District’s transportation facility was covered in ice after someone hosed the area down with water the night before. The ice created a hazard for buses, resulting in schools opening two hours late. Upon arrival at the New Brooklyn Road facility, police noted the thick layer of ice was a danger to vehicles and people on foot. Police believe someone spread the water with district-owned hoses used to clean buses. According to police, rumors had been circulating that someone may ice the facility in the days before the incident. The incident cost the district about $1,000 in labor and materials costs.

Bloody: Police were called to investigate a large quantity of blood on and around a parked Jeep on Winslow Way shortly after 3:30 p.m. Blood was on one of the Jeep’s sides, on its wheels and on the ground nearby. The owner told police the Jeep had been parked for several days. He had seen the blood but thought it was from a red “Slurpie” drink. Police took samples of the blood.

Dec. 15
Death: Aid units were unable to revive a Bainbridge man at a Rose Loop residence just before 8 a.m. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. Someone who knew the man said he had been suffering from a cold, but appeared healthy overall.

Dec. 12
Burglary: A east Winslow Way diner was broken into and $150 was stolen from a cash register sometime during the night. Police found pry marks on one of the diner’s doors.

Caught: A Bainbridge man found a young male in his parked car shortly after 8 p.m. in a parking lot. A police report about the incident redacted all information disclosing the incident’s location. According to police, the man confronted the youth, whom he saw filing through his CD collection. The youth said he was looking for a lighter. The car owner demanded that the youth show him the contents of his pockets, which contained three lighters The youth shrugged when asked why he was looking for a lighter when he already had three. The owner went home to report the incident to police.