Daily Archives: December 17, 2008

Police blotter: Hit-and-run witnesses chase down suspects

Don’t mess around in Lynwood Center. A Mercedes Benz packed with teens (including one in the trunk) hit a parked car and sped away. Rather than just scribble down the license plate, a few Lynwood Centerers hopped into their cars and chased the the car down, which erupted, clown-car style, with several youngsters (including the one in the trunk) who bounded off into the woods.

Also this week, a wind-whipped tree branch nearly impales a driver, and two reindeer are spotted by police..uh, “compromising” in a front yard. The week’s only ice-related car crash was caused by an out- -of-stater. Californian? Nah, too easy. Hawaiian? Close, if you’re considering the chronology of statehood. Alaskan? Yep, a rough-and-ready northerner from The Palin State rear-ended a local and then skidded into the ditch.

And the quote of the week: “I’m going to cut you open, bro.”

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