Police blotter: Evading police is challenging…when you’re drunk

Two drunk drivers tried to give police the slip this week. Both gave up after less than a mile of swerving and veering with police in hot pursuit.

Nov. 2
Warrant: A Kingston man who had been pulled over for having expired license tabs gave police a false identity to avoid arrest for an outstanding assault warrant out of Poulsbo. When confronted about the lie, the suspect told police he didn’t want to appear before Bainbridge’s judge for the traffic infraction because she is a woman. “He told me he didn’t have much luck with ‘women judges,'” an officer said. The suspect fired a “continual barrage of profanity and slurs” at his arresting officer while he was transported to the Poulsbo police station.

Drunk driving: An Indianola man was arrested for drunk driving after he stuck a tree and injured himself on Ferncliff Avenue shortly after 6:30 p.m. Medic units were already on the scene when police arrived. The suspect was strapped into a gurney and smelled strongly of alcohol. He consented to a blood test to determine his level of intoxication. A records check determined that the suspect has a prior drunk driving conviction, but that his license had been reinstated.

Nov. 1
Drunk driving: A Bainbridge male was arrested for drunk driving on Madison Avenue near the High School Road intersection just before 10:15 p.m. Police initially noticed the suspect’s truck traveling 12 mph over the posted 25 mph limit. Once pulled over, an officer noticed the suspect smelled strongly of alcohol and had dexterity problems. The suspect told the officer he had four beers at a Winslow bar.

Neglected: Police assisted an aid unit in transporting a Bainbridge woman suffering from mental and health problems and possible neglect to Harrison Hospital in Bremerton. The woman, whom police know to be bed ridden and unable to care for her self, was found in her bed intoxicated and surrounded by her own waste. She had vomited, defecated and urinated on herself, smelled strongly of alcohol and was speaking incoherently. She also had several burn marks on her body, possibly from smoking in bed. The person who found the woman said her state caregivers are unreliable and had not checked on her in several days. The woman, who had previously tried to kill herself by overdosing on medications, told police she had been grinding up her medications and was trying to smoke them and mix them with vodka.

Drunk driving: A Bremerton male was arrested for drunk driving, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia on Madison Avenue near Phelps Road just before 1:30 a.m. Police initially noticed the suspect driving his Jeep in an erratic manner. The suspect “floored the accelerator” after an officer turned on his patrol vehicle’s emergency lights. The suspect traveled nearly a mile before pulling over. The suspect, who smelled strongly of alcohol and marijuana, said he didn’t stop because he thought the officer was after someone else. When the officer pointed out that the two of them were the only ones on the road, the suspect said something nonsensical about “walkie talkies.” He admitted to having consumed about four beers at a nearby casino and that he’d been arrested for drunk driving on three previous occasions. During a search of his vehicle, police found a small amount of marijuana, a marijuana pipe and a six-pack container of beer. One of the beers was open and nearly empty. When asked if he had a drinking problem, the suspect disagreed, noting that he has “bad luck” getting arrested when he drives drunk.

Oct. 31
Drunk driver: A Bainbridge female was arrested for drunk driving on Vineyard Lane just before 10 p.m. Police initially noticed the suspect driving her car erratically on State Route 305, almost striking an oncoming vehicle head-on. The suspect pulled over after the officer turned on his siren, but then drove away as he approached. The officer pursued the suspect, who drove in a “zigzagging” manner, for about a quarter mile before she pulled into a condo parking garage off Vineyard Lane. The officer could “immediately smell the strong odor of alcohol” as he approached the suspect’s parked car. The suspect exited her car and began dropping items from her shirt pocket, mumbling unrecognizable words and swaying her body. When asked to walk forward, the suspect nearly fell to the ground and was caught by the officer. She admitted to having consumed “a few” drinks. When asked why she drove away from officers, the suspect said she was “just trying to get home.”

Oct. 30
Crash: A Port Hadlock man crashed his Honda Accord into a post at the State Route 305 and Winslow Way intersection, across the street from the police station. The man, who was driving toward the ferry terminal, admitted he’d been exceeding the speed limit by approximately 20 mph and did not know the road curved. He skidded off the road and collided with and broke a city-owned post holding a flower basket. Police did not disclose the man’s injuries.

Oct. 29
Theft: A Winslow Way restaurant owner reported his suspicion that one of his employees, a 22-year-old Bainbridge man, had stolen $110 in cash from his business.

Oct. 28
Shot: A Bainbridge man reported that someone had shot out the rear window of his vehicle while he drove along Lynwood Center Way. Police believe the vehicle was shot at with a pellet gun.

Theft: An unsecured Kona bicycle valued at $450 was stolen from the bike rack outside the Bainbridge Public Library.

Theft: A Bainbridge woman reported that her green Ford Aerostar van was stolen from an apartment complex’s parking lot along Parfitt Way sometime between 9:30 and 10:30 p.m. on Oct. 25. The van was unlocked and a spare key was in a beverage holder. The van contained the victim’s purse and several other items valued at $150.

Crash: A Seattle man was injured when he drove his Volvo station wagon into oncoming traffic on State Route 305 shortly after 12:30 p.m. The victim reportedly was blinded by the sun as he entered the highway from Morgan Road. His car was struck by a van driven by a Bainbridge man. The victim, who was at fault for the collision, suffered injuries to his face and left arm, and was transported to an undisclosed hospital.