Police blotter: Barefoot, drunk and behind the wheel

If you see someone heading to his or her car without shoes, grab the keys. It is likely they are drunk. At least that was the case with two very, very tipsy motorists this week.

Another trend this week: violent ladies. Breaking windows, cutting arms, scratching breasts and beating up boys.

Oct. 26
Assault: A 48-year-old Bainbridge woman was arrested for hitting her husband and scratching a woman in the husband’s Bergman Road home just before 8 p.m. The suspect had walked into her husband’s home unannounced and began yelling at the woman and accusing her of having a romantic relationship with her husband, who had recently filed for divorce and moved to a separate house. The suspect scratched one of the woman’s breasts and hit her husband, who then pushed her out his door and called 911.

Drunk driving: A 16-year-old Bainbridge boy was arrested for drunk driving at the intersection of Madison Avenue and Ihland Way shortly after 12:30 a.m. An officer initially noticed the suspect’s silver BMW parked in the bushes of a home’s yard. The suspect approached the officer and explained that the car was his and that he’d missed a turn. The suspect, who was not wearing shoes and appeared highly intoxicated, admitted “in a mournful way” that he had been drinking. He said he left a party in a hurry after having an argument and forgot his shoes. Damage to the property owner’s bushes and a tree were documented.

Oct. 25
Vandalized: Two windows were broken on a van parked on Grow Avenue. Small indentations on the van’s body indicated that a bb gun had caused the damage, which was estimated at $750.

Drunk driving: A Bainbridge man was arrested for drunk driving at Bainbridge Gardens nursery on Miller Road just before 4 p.m. Nursery customers and staff had detained the suspect and called 911. The suspect had urinated in his pants, was not wearing shoes, smelled strongly of alcohol and was unable to stand. The man had been swerving his large pickup truck over both lanes on Miller before parking at the nursery. The suspect used several nonsense words in his speech and admitted to having been drinking beer “all day.” He was transported to Harrison Hospital in Bremerton for a medical evaluation.

Oct. 24
Assault: A Poulsbo girl was arrested for slapping her boyfriend at his Tolo Road home just before 6 p.m. The boyfriend’s mother, who had called 911, said she awoke to the sounds of yelling and found the suspect bleeding from her arm. The suspect told police that she became enraged when her boyfriend refused to look at something she wanted him to look at. In her anger, she broke out a window, causing a cut on her arm, and slapped the boy. Her wound was stitched up at Harrison Hospital in Bremerton.

Drug bust: Bainbridge police arrested a Suquamish man for drug possession and found over three pounds of marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy pills and a handgun at his Suquamish home just before 2:30 p.m. Police had obtained a narcotics search warrant for the man’s 5th Avenue house. After knocking open the door, police were “overwhelmed by the strong odor of marijuana” inside the home. The 33-year-old suspect, who was found in his room, told police where to find the drugs and the .45 caliber gun. When asked what he did to earn money, the suspect replied “I sell weed.” Additional charges included intent to sell drugs, unlawful possession of a gun and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Oct. 22
Burglary: Several electronic devices were stolen from an unlocked Miller Road residence sometime during the afternoon. Stolen items included a laptop, digital camera and iPod. Losses were estimated at $1,220.

Oct. 21
Pot: An 18-year-old Bainbridge male was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia shortly after 12 p.m. near Bainbridge High School. The suspect fled into woods north of school after spotting the police, who had been called to the area after a teen was seen smoking marijuana. After searching the woods for over 15 minutes, an officer found the suspect crouching among the brush. Noting the suspect’s large size, the officer drew his taser gun and told him to stand up and show his hands. “Why do you have a gun? Are you going to shoot me?” the suspect asked, ignoring the officer’s orders. When threatened with a taser shock, the suspect complied. Police found traces of marijuana in the suspect’s backpack. The suspect became angry and accused officers of planting the drugs. Police used self-defense hand-locks on the suspect before applying handcuffs.

Drunk driving: A 36-year-old Seattle man was arrested for drunk driving along Arrow Point Road just before 3:30 p.m. An officer initially noticed the suspect speeding 10 mph over the posted 35 mph zone and illegally pass another vehicle. The man smelled strongly of alcohol and failed a series of sobriety tests. Police found that he had a suspended license and a previous drunk driving conviction.

Suicide attempt: A Bainbridge teen ingested almost all the contents of a prescription pill bottle in a suspected suicide attempt. The teen told her teacher at Bainbridge High School that she was having trouble thinking and admitted to having consumed the pills. The teacher told police the teen had been “going downhill all year.” The teen was transported to a hospital for treatment.

Theft: A resident reported the theft of 22 political signs from around the island. Most of the signs were for Republican candidates. Some were handmade signs urging voters to oppose tax increases and support drilling and city staff cuts. Losses were estimated at $850.